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regarding the fat quarter challenge

firstly, hello to my new friends! i’ve noticed many new faces in the crowd, no doubt driven over here by oona’s crazed ramblings about unicorns and rainbows. who knew that third margarita (drank by her) would be so good to … Continue reading

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wonky log cabin “roses”: fashion fabric WIP, or destined for the scrap bag?

i’ve been hugely intoxicated by the brilliant colors and deceptively simple shapes of the prabal gurung for target collection. this piece in particular struck out to me – for its ease of wearing, and for how easy it would be … Continue reading

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alabama chanin style: test-driving a work-in-progress for casual friday

ok, first things first: i think i am now a complete knit convert. i started out, as i think a lot of newbie sewers do, a little afraid of them and all of their stretchiness and the idea of a … Continue reading

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some thoughts on the projects in my head

so, i’ve been thinking – which obviously worries me right off the bat. since finishing and wearing my first official SWAP garment, the entire idea of my “collection” has sort of taken shape and evolved, almost without me even having … Continue reading

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style in the wild: mccall 6171, roma edition

mccall 6171 in action original construction posts previously styled with… so we spent half my sister’s inheritance at the rome location of etro.  seriously, i am pretty sure there has been an economic stoppage in rome this week because we … Continue reading

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Screenprinting trials

Because I can’t help myself, I’m also currently obsessed with trying to screen print. Initially I will make paper prints but the goal is to silk screen fabric as part of my “collection”. I admit, I got the idea from … Continue reading

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weekend sewing sweatshop

there are few better ways to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday than by working through a pile of issues projects. as you can see, I had plenty of help. counting it off: 4 princess bodices, including fashion fabric layer, underlining … Continue reading

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weekend sewing studio: in which actual sewing was accomplished!

of course, i mean last weekend, but who is counting? last week i had a serious indulgence at my house:  i was actually able to use it.  behold, my sewing station! so what if it still doesn’t have drawers?  don’t … Continue reading

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the sew weekly “mad men”: inspiration

but first, a diversion.  only if you promise to come right back! the new york times shocks us today with the breaking news that skirts are a desirable fashion item. really? i had no idea.  thank you, new york times, … Continue reading

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midweek thoughts: on thoughtful comments, staying motivated, finding balance, and other things

friends, i think one of the things that many of us hope for in starting a blog is the ideal of shared conversation—finding new friends, new inspiration, and having a dialogue with however many (or few) readers you have.  the … Continue reading

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