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a snowy day here in siberia deserves a snuggly outfit: papercut patterns rigel bomber (refashion)

here’s the view from my window today. awesome, right?  according to the weather channel’s bizarre new method of naming storms, this is winter storm “maximus.”  i’ve noticed that while touting this new name whenever possible, the weather channel has declined … Continue reading

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summer’s over. when did that happen?

whew. september, what? in my head it is still april, the first weekend i was able to go outside and work in the yard.  and i haven’t looked back since. when i was a kid i’d practically get anxious about … Continue reading

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SWAG: just another t-shirt, pucci-style

since all of my other sewing goals for the summer flew out the window with the arrival of summer, i’ll focus on the one i did complete. at the (somewhat) reasonable request of my sewing minion, with the sort-of reasonable … Continue reading

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oh hai.

wait, what was i doing? RIGHT. vacation. all me-made. i really could have used some of ginger’s bathroom-selfie stamina on this one, because my minion totally flaked. but she did do her part on the me-made front, sporting a very … Continue reading

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m.m.vacation, continued

Dinner at the ultra haute cuisine ‘le meurice’ O hai, rose garden at the musee Rodin. Do you like my Chanel jacket? Unblogged but awesome screenprinted renfrew with multicolor trim and low back. Lady Mary and I at the Monet … Continue reading

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Me-made-vacation, day one

Ok, so I missed me-made-may. In fact, I pretty much missed most of may, in spite of intentions to finish one of my Chanel jackets and a pair of paper it patterns rite of spring shorts – at a minimum. … Continue reading

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grow write guild prompt #2: dream garden

this post was written in response to a prompt from Gayla Trail and her gardening site, “You Grow Girl.” i’ve spent a lot of time lately mentally apologizing to my mom. i’ll be reading a book, perusing a magazine, walking … Continue reading

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what is it about the couture cardigan jacket, anyway?

i am pretty sure old coco knew what she was doing when she created her iconic cardigan jackets back in the day, given that her entire career was based on dressing the way she wanted to dress and letting people … Continue reading

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a garden interlude: getting back to writing, with help from gayla trail

regular readers may know that my other intense obsession is my garden, which i occasionally like to brag on and post photos of.  admittedly, pretty much the only thing brag-worthy after my first season in it was the fact that … Continue reading

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well, mostly. peter really fixed it for me, only we realized that we needed a new part. and then i just copied his every move. my beautiful featherweight #2, with the gorgeous quiet motor and the measured throat plate, decided … Continue reading

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