gushing review: pat’s custom belts/buttons

Pat’s Custom Buttons and Belts
PO Box 335
California 95241

Have you bought anything from this store? If yes were the prices competitive?
i just got back a huge custom order (huge for me, at any rate, at almost 200 button and 3 belts) and the prices were fantastic. granted, when you add everything up the order was about $200, but in midtown manhattan at botani, a dozen buttons will cost you $40.

Were the sales people polite and friendly?
pat, who has no website, answers her own phone and is the nicest, friendliest person imaginable.

How would you rate the quality of the item this store sells?
beyond first-rate. i had considered doing button kits, but one look at the quality of pat’s product says “professional” vs a “loving hands at home” aesthetic from a dritz kit.

How was your shopping experience?
i’m floored. i got my entire button order (again, 200 buttons plus 3 belts) exactly a week after i mailed it from NYC to CA.

Would you shop here again?
i’m already saving up scraps for my next order!

Would you recommend this store to others?
100%–anyone who is looking for something unique, or even to utilize precious scraps of precious fabric (i used leftover liberty print cotton, leftover silk/cotton blend from mood, and even leftover pucci!) should consider this service.

Any other comments you would like to add?
pat works on an honor system. her catalogue is yours for $5–which you can tack on to your first order, or just send her a check, or even a five dollar bill! in my case, i had the catalogue less than a week after ordering it and sent the $5 as an add-on to my order. pat accepts check or cash only and not, to my knowledge, credit cards.

there are more than 20 styles of button and multiple styles of belt buckle depending on what size belt you would like. i went with a basic 3/4″ belt, modeled after a vintage self belt i got at a local vintage store. the buckles may be covered or not covered, and the eyelets can be metal grommets or sewn thread. the buttons come with different styles of backing depending on what you plan to use them for. i went with a standard loop back.

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