retro inspiration: a truly, truly, truly outrageous simplicity 2212

Pattern Description:

Dress in two lengths with bodice variations.Skirt variations include length and godet insertion.Bodice variations include princess seams and halter neck options.Pattern includes a belt.


Printed pink-and-red cotton from Mood fabrics
White cotton oxford from Paron Annex
Red bemberg from NY Elegant fabrics
Trim from Pacific Trimmings
Plastic boning from Jo-Ann


My cable provider has this new channel that shows classic cartoons from the 80s.   Jem and the Holograms, anyone?

It’s showtime, Synergy!


I re-drew the princess pieces using my fitted princess sloper from last summer’s Sit-N-Sew with Kenneth King and Susan Khalje.Using a definitely un-couture variation on Susan’s bodice underlining technique, I cut out an extra set of princess pieces for the bodice as well as an interlining made of sew-in interfacing.I made three bodices, basically, using these pieces.Then I stitched one of the fabric bodices together with the interlining bodice to create boning channels.Instead of going every inch or so, I just went at the major seamlines, creating a channel 3/8” across and the length of the bodice, minus 5/8” on top and bottom.This way I have a nice sturdy bodice that is still flexible, because I used the plastic boning instead of spiral steel boning.

I added tiny straps, just for comfort, because I’m not much of a strapless bodice girl.I made a skirt lining with contrast red bemberg, and finished the waistband seam with a grosgrain ribbon.I did a hand-picked zipper with red thread for a little extra pop and trimmed the skirt lining with the most awesome/awful trim from Pacific:white lace with red hearts attached to some piping.I’m in love.


Is it truly outrageous?I think so!!

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