bookending the summer with simplicity 2444

i wasn’t really sure where i was going with this pattern when i grabbed it in a Jo-Ann 99 cents sale, but there is a fantastic late 50s/early 60s vibe happening that drew me to it. the advantage of this is the great retro styling with none of the potential fitting issues of a vintage pattern.  and there’s no avoiding it:  simplicity definitely styled their pattern envelope to appeal to the “mad men” crowd.

still, as winter here in the NE united states went on, seemingly forever, i knew i was ready for some color.  then, my order from shaukat came in from the UK and included 2 meters of ian rhodes.  i knew i needed a simple dress pattern so as not to compete with the geometry of the fabric design–and i knew i wanted to stay with my general trend of going for a retro look with a modern sensibility.

i was so excited that i happened to finish this dress just in time for some of the first springy weather of the year, back in april. i was so tired of the dull dullness of winter that i felt desperate to include a bit of color in my wardrobe, and my finished version of S2444 definitely provided more than “a bit”!  even better, as the summer wore on, this quickly became a go-to dress on days when i wanted a bit of sophistication but was too tired or lazy to plan out a real outfit.  and, coincidentally, i was wearing it yesterday (styled almost identically to the first day i wore it, with a turquoise cardigan) on what the weather forecasters called our last summer day for a while.  viva l’ete!

construction notes:
i stayed the neck and armhole edges with staytape and lined the entire dress.  also, i finished the waistband seam with some grosgrain ribbon, finished the lining hem with 1/2″ horsehair braid and some lace, and finished the skirt edges and hem with bias binding and hem tape.  for the zipper, i did a hand-picked look, with beads going down to the waistline.

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3 Responses to bookending the summer with simplicity 2444

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love ythis- all your details and the beading- I must steal that! Lovely!

  2. oonaballoona says:

    your insides look WAY better than mine! i love this version, the beading is such a cool idea!

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