summer 2011: or, how i almost sewed with a plan

sometimes i feel like this is what my summer of sewing was like:  “i had a plan!”

this project actually began in march with the PatternReview Mini Wardrobe Challenge:

Mini-Wardrobe Contest – Expand Your Wardrobe
March 1 through March 31, 2011

This is a contest to create a 5-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. Four of these pieces must be sewn during the contest period. The 5th piece should be something that you already own. It can be a neutral item or a hard-to-match item that needs help getting incorporated into your daily wear.

These 5 items must combine to make a minimum of 6 different outfits.

i started off the summer with a huge pile of gorgeous, printed, brightly-colored fabric patterns, all about a yard or less–mostly less, in fact. to accompany these, i picked up some good, solid “bottomweight” cotton-polys from Jo-Anns to work on shorts and skirts. all of this was inspired by the idea of having a multitude of mix-and-match “weekender” type outfits as exemplified by one of my first pattern acquisitions, Simplicity 1590:

before long, i had developed my storyboard chart, and was faced with a huge matrix of options…

and this doesn’t even include the bits that got left behind: the green chart, for instance, or the FAILs, or the tops that got cut, but not made, or the tops that were conceived, but not cut.  and then there were the diversions:  dresses and extra tops.  the tailored jacket i cut in april but didn’t start until labor day.  you know, sewing life.

what is the best way to approach SWAP?

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4 Responses to summer 2011: or, how i almost sewed with a plan

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I have no idea! I set up a fall palette- I bought accordingly- I chase bright shiny objects and sew whims and my palette has only had 1 finish to claim. I just keep reminding myslef- I sew for fun, so it’s ok!

  2. puu2 says:

    easily distracted by shiny objects basically describes it 🙂

  3. Jilly Be says:

    I’m about as far from a SWAP expert as you can find, but since I entered that PR contest, and it completely changed my attitude about fabric shopping & what I sew, I can share my experience.

    Basically, I had always been, shall we say, easily distracted by shiny objects (i.e., yummy fabrics). I figured that if I loved a fabric THAT much, surely it goes with lots of other things I love, right? Nuh uh. Since then, I’ve organized & stored my stash according to coordinating fabrics, & I’ve started up a storyboard of sorts, with fabric swatches & patterns on 3×5 cards, which stares me in the face as I sew & reminds me of budding plans that already exist. And I try really really REALLY hard to not be distracted by yet another shiny object, unless I’m SURE it matches something. Oh, & I have a little bag of swatches ready to go with me whenever I go to a fabric store. At least this gives me the basis of a plan.

  4. puu2 says:

    i tried something similar with a notebook, but the giant mood and storyboard has been a good strategy for me as well!

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