vogue 6543: or, how i almost sewed with a plan (ctd)

Vogue 6543when i spotted this pattern on etsy i felt like i had discovered treasure.  these little tops patterns from the 50s are like candy for me–i’m definitely trying to hunt them down.  the reason is simple:  i’m a really stingy fabric cutter.  i’ll add CB seams where there should be folds, i’ll shorten skirts, i’ll eliminate facings, all in the hopes of having a bit of fabric left over to play with.  this top pattern became my playground.  all summer long, when i wanted something cute, quick and satisfying i’d pull out a scrap and settle on a version and go to work.

Liberty of London Syndenham Palace
left over from Advance 3929 left over from McCall 8332
left over from Vogue 9668 left over from Vogue 6744

a few tricks became standard:  no facings, just contrast bias tape.  finish all interior edges with bias tape.  on the halter versions, (views B, C and D) i added sew-in interfacing, bra cups and a lining.

i had some button fun on view C:

what i learned…
i had naively assumed, not quite understanding the importance of wearing ease differences in different patterns, that i could re-draw this too-small pattern using my V8615 french dart bodice.  and i could–on the front.  the back, however, was much too big, with almost 4″ of wearing ease i needed to fold out later.  i was able to adapt but as you can see in my button shot, the results are wearable but not perfect.  i would say this became a theme for my summer sewing, crystallized during the august sit-n-sew in NYC with susan khalje and kenneth king, when i finally made a moulage and sloper.


Vogue 6543 View C Vogue 6543 View C Vogue 6543 View A Vogue 6543 View B
View C View C View A View B

not bad, right?
the two view C’s were actually constructed for the PatternReview mini-wardrobe contest.  so was the skirt.  i just never finished the shorts!  and in that first photo?  yeah, that’s safety pinned shut.  no buttons yet.  i need hardly add that, alas, i did not finish my mini-wardrobe in time for the contest.

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