simplicity 2425: or, how i almost sewed with a plan (ctd)

continuing my self-imposed summer wardrobe challenge, allow me to present simplicity 2425.  i’m not sure which i was more enamored with:  the little top, which could be styled as a romper, or the bias skirt with its tempting drape and little bolero.

where it fits on my chart:

when i opened up the pattern, i did not get what i had expected.  the top and shorts are not just styled to look like a romper, they are actually drafted to work as a two piece romper.  so i expected to see a full bodice pattern.  what i got was this:

simplicity 2425 bodice pattern

which i redrew, adding a bit of length to the bodice and some waist gathers at my natural waist.

i got a little whimsical and did an exposed zipper on the back. in general i tend to have a lot of trouble with this technique, but i’m getting better!

these shorts…are HUGE.  not just extended crotch length, higher waist huge.  i look for these in shorts pattern and consider these attributes to be a bonus, not a flaw.  but these are beyond bermuda shorts.  i’m going to need to hem them, what, 4″?  and i had to double the pleat depth on the front panels.

where it fits on my chart:

see this pile of fabric?  yeah, that is going to be a skirt.  maybe next summer!

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