gushing review: gorgeous fabrics

well, there is no need to speculate on where ann, proprietress of gorgeous fabrics and writer of the gorgeous things blog (and all-around stellar person) got the name for her shop.

"double c" couture wool knit from Gorgeous Fabrics

 see that on the floor?  yeah, that is my jaw.  dropped.

How is the web site look & feel / user friendliness? Is it easy to surf?
beautiful website, well-designed, easy to navigate, easy to search, easy to surf. fabrics are organized and categorized for easy locating.  and how do you beat a site that has a category called “ooo la la!” to highlight all of the extra-amazing goodies available?

for each fabric, ann provides information on content, weave, width, stretch factor, care, possible uses, best needle choice and pantone color matches.  my only gripe–quibble, really–here is that i wish it were easier to pinpoint the exact availability for each fabric.  it’s there, with all of the other information, but on the bottom and not highlighted at all.  in my recent purchase it took me several tries to determine how much fabric was available to buy.

one of the things i particularly enjoy about gorgeous things is that ann goes through the fabrics and makes suggestions or recommendations from everything to matching linings, groupings, even possible pattern combinations.  it’s an extra fun touch from a woman who is a sewist herself, and it shows.  one can almost imagine that ann set out to create the online shop she had always wanted to use.

Is this a commercial web site? If yes how are the prices? Do they have a secure shopping cart?
honestly, i thought the prices were very fair for incredible quality.  but then again, i’m a big proponent of the “life is too short for cheap fabric” camp.  there are definitely some amazing buys to be had, but my perusings of gorgeous things were less price-conscious and more about how many shiny pretty things there were to look at.  there is a secure shopping cart and paypal, as well as credit and debit cards, are payment options.  i felt completely safe using the site for my purchase.

How is the customer service?
fabulous! i got immediate email confirmations of my order, updates, shipping status and everything else i could have wanted. i also got a personal not from ann, whom i had the good fortune to meet in person this summer.

Have you bought anything from this web site? If yes, was the item delivered on time?
UPS shipping was right on schedule, just a few days after i got the shipping notification. i know how diligently ann works processing her orders, and i now have firsthand knowledge of how smoothly everything goes.

Would you recommend this site to others?
definitely! in addition to being an all-around excellent fabric resource, it’s a great way to support one of our own in her business.

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