vogue 7967: or, how i almost sewed with a plan (ctd)

Vogue 7967

would you believe it took me over a year to just get on with it and finish that skirt?  (literally.  it’s two pieces plus a waistband!)  first i ran out of bias tape–i was finishing the interior edges hong kong style.  then i forgot to cut a waistband.  ran out of fabric.  decided i hated it.  couldn’t decide if it fit.  every excuse in the book, i used, until summer came and i realized i needed a long-ish skirt to be comfortable on hot summer days when shorts and jeans would be anathema.

thinking about it more logically, i maybe should not have used jo-ann “target bottomweight” for this garment, because that stuff does not exactly breathe.  but it still became my best saturday-morning-errands garment.  (and sundays?  pffft.  sundays are for sitting on the couch in PJ’s!)

Vogue 6543 View C Vogue 6543 View C
with Simplicity 2425 with Simplicity 2034
Vogue 6543 View A
with Advance 8309

AND…check out these shorts:

are these not the epitome of 1950s chic?  construction-wise, they could not be easier:  i faux flat-felled everything, inserted a zipper, attached the waistband using a margaret islander “burrito” method, and voila!  i’m still tinkering with the fit.  i need to flatten that hip curve just a smidge.  you can also see on the red pair how much work my initial construction needed.  fortunately i had tightened that up on the yellow pair for a much nicer finish.

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One Response to vogue 7967: or, how i almost sewed with a plan (ctd)

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, I love the shorts- you are so Laura Petry!

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