advance 8280: a summer love story

my first…
cut on a whim on memorial day 2010.  i used several new-to-me techniques:  i block-fused the facings, i pick-stitched the zipper, and i attempted pleats.  as i may have mentioned, i do often have issues with pleats, and i accidentally pleated them inside out.  inside out was actually the best turnout, and it took me 5 tries just to get that far, so i kept it.  to work within the constraints of a shorter-than-needed piece of fabric, i cut everything on the cross grain, changed the CF fold into a CF seam, changed the CB fold into a CB seam, and shortened the skirt by more than 9″.  because the skirt was, by now, quite short, i hemmed it with a cute piece of ribbon trim by turning up the edges a straight 1/2″ all the way around.  also, i made contrast facings, just because.

fishies and caviar

it’s a bit big, because at the time i did not understand how to do the basic SBA described in sandra betzina’s fast fit, and because i didn’t yet realize that measurement-wise, i’m more of a 32-25-35 than a 34-27-37.

you can really see in these pictures how much refinement the fit needs–but i think you can also see how much fun this little dress is!  works great, too, with a little petticoat.

i had originally really, really wanted to make the little jacket.  in fact, the fashion drawing with the little jacket and hat is what made me fall in love with this pattern in the first place–but i could not, for the life of me, make the little jacket into something wearable.  i managed my first practice bound buttonhole and then just gave up.  it was not working for me.

and another…

liberty of london "pep" from shaukat
image from Shaukat

same thing, only this time i remembered to re-size the bodice!  also, i am thrilled to say that the pleats came out properly.  i swapped the side seam for a CB seam, which somehow works out better for me, and i hand-picked the zipper without beads.  this dress has turned into a fabulous little transitional piece as summer in NYC has rapidly faded into fall.

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  1. prttynpnk says:

    Great info and what pretty outcomes!

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