bloggers are beautiful people

that’s me, on the floor, staring dreamily (or out-of-focus-ly?) at the amazing peter of male pattern boldness

can i just say–my goal in creating this blog was 1) for me to keep track of all the things i’m working on, and to practice my writing…but more importantly, 2) to connect more with some of the wonderful people out in the online sewing community.

well, i can quit now, people, because i’m totally blown away by how great folks can be in real life.  oona led us straight for “le alcohol” and got everyone feeling festive with matching silk flowers for our hair.  some interesting points of etiquette came up during the day:

  1. among bloggers, is it rude to just join in a conversation about, say, debi’s trip to oregon (which you’ve read all about on her blog) as if she has just been telling you herself?
  2. is it rude to say, “wow!  great pendrell!” or comment on lisette’s peacock rendition of simplicity 2360, or cindy’s ceylon, or oona’s bombshell top, or mena’s 50s butterick, because you totally can look around the table and recognize the patterns?
  3. is it bad that i totally adore peter, even after only 5 minutes’ conversation, even though he is taken and even though he, like myself, prefers the company of another gentleman?  and i wouldn’t want to compete with cousin cathy.  something tells me she would win!
  4. should i feel under-dressed since i only made one part of my outfit (my top)?
  5. in a pattern swap, it’s not *really* rude to hog all of the patterns, is it?  i mean, that wasn’t me, that was debi, but only because she beat me to them!
  6. and racing to be the first into the annex at paron’s is totally normal.  (that was me)

hopefully these will be issues i have come to terms with by the time there is a chance for another meetup.  and i was so well-behaved, aside from the whole racing into the annex thing.  i only got two things:  lining for my “double c” couture sweater knit and this whacked-out patchwork fabric for a tiered skirt.  (or maybe i was the one that was whacked out…it was a few glasses of sangria into the afternoon, after all…)

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5 Responses to bloggers are beautiful people

  1. Debi says:

    waaahhhahahahaha….one pattern, two pattern, three pattern…whaahahhaaa 🙂 It was FAB-U-LOUS meeting you! I had so much fun!!!

  2. oonaballoona says:

    #4: no, because you had the fabulous red pants….

    so glad you came!

  3. puu2 says:

    whew! red trousers for the win! 🙂

  4. nettie says:

    Those pants were awesome! I talked them up on my blog, too! And your hat took the cake as well ;p

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