vogue 6744: from wadder to “wow!” or, this fabric does *not* like to be touched

i got into trouble really, really early on this one.

like, before i even bought it.

pattern and story from glass of fashion shop on etsy

Alice gave her guest Sandra the tour of her family’s Devonshire estate.
“This is the stables, Sandra. We can ride tomorrow, if you like. You’ll love the view- everyone says it’s very fine. See?”
“Can I help you, Miss Alice?” asked Joe, the stablehand, looking up from where he was deftly grooming an Arab stallion. With the back of his hand he wiped the sweat from his chiseled brow onto the taut thigh of his skintight jodhpurs.

“No, no,” said Alice sweetly. “We’re just admiring the scenery…”


then, i didn’t want to be too literal in my interpretation.  no red polka dots.

purple polka dots were totally adequate.  i got this fabric at mood, where, because it’s actually a silk/cotton blend, it was way more expensive than i had expected.  but i was already much too much in love with it by that point to question the purchase.  and it felt so…silky.

but did i change the needle in my sewing machine?


did i re-draw the pattern properly with my french dart bodice from V8615?


did i have to take it in almost 2 inches on each side…after i had french-seamed the side seams?


did i mess up my planned exposed zipper, for which i had inexpertly shifted the side zipper placket to the center back?


i cried a little.  made a wadded ball of fabric (which, you can imagine, helped the properties of the silk immensely).  left it on a closet shelf.  but i couldn’t throw it away.  and then mood got more of the troublesome polka dot cotton-silk in stock*.  i knew i  had to conquer the pattern and move on with my life.

i cut off the skirt.  the skirt, i thought, was salvageable.  the french seams weren’t too bad and i could move beyond the visible needle marks along the CB seam.  i didn’t have enough bodice left in the original garment to make a new one, so i took some of the precious new silk and cut a bodice from vogue 6453.

i lined it.  i added cups.  i made a proper neck draw string.
i re-installed the exposed zipper.

i re-attached the much-abused, needle-punched skirt.

i took a deep breath.

i am satisfied.

*feels like i am saying bi-colored python rock snake.  what?  you haven’t read kipling?  or matilda?  what happened to your childhood?!?!
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3 Responses to vogue 6744: from wadder to “wow!” or, this fabric does *not* like to be touched

  1. Debi says:

    YAY for saving wadders! I really love the new bodice on this dress (Vogue 6453–I think I am in love!)…the fabric is amazing and the dress is FABULOUS! I love it!

  2. puu2 says:

    i actually meant to wear this to the meetup and forgot that i had it stashed 🙂

  3. Yes a really adorable dress and it looks so cute on you! Brilliant save.

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