style in the wild: changing the seasons

“in transition.”
my best friend used that term to describe, in high school, the process her clothes made across her room:  from wearing them, to putting them in a pile on the floor, to getting them into the laundry basket, to doing the laundry, to putting them in yet another pile and then wearing them again.

it feels apt, somehow, as we here in NYC get jerked around from summer to fall and back again.  or maybe it’s just a natural letdown as the days get shorter and cooler.  but either way, that’s how i feel.  in transition.  specifically, the bit about the pile on the floor.

as the seasons change i’m feeling a bit of style schizophrenia.  how else to describe the utter joy of spending the summer dressed like this:

to having this feel inadequate and worse yet, not me?

and this is my current favorite skirt!

i swear, i am fighting the urge to pull out every single me-made dress and bring up the hemlines a bit.  something about fall just says “short skirt and cute boots” to me.  thank goodness i’ve decided to concentrate on separates this fall and winter.

in the meantime, i’m focusing my energy on some dramatic and unusual pieces, just to freak me out even more:

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