simplicity 2304 and 2571: the peasant look – retro and comfy, or stuck in the past? discuss.

Simplicity 2571 Simplicity 2034

i have to admit that it was news to me when i saw peasant looks such as these going as far back as the 1940s. in my head, these had always been such a 70s symbol, or a natural retreat for a suburban teenager fancying herself a bit more bohemian and retro than her high school counterparts (ahem).

but maybe it makes a lot of sense. after all, there were a lot of looks in the 70s that could be construed as a modern (for the times) interpretation of the 1940s–such as the YSL safari suit, which i think looks a lot like some the beautiful belted women’s suits of the 40s.  and so much of the fall 2011 runway screamed “70s does 40s” to me.

gucci fall 2011 (from tom and lorenzo)

malandrino fall 2011 (from tom and lorenzo)

this is all by way of saying that i can see, sort of, how the 40s peasant style would naturally be reinterpreted and continue to be explored.  but really, the fun bit for me was discovering that even in the 40s, teenage girls loved to play with simple, feminine ruffles.

i spent some time acquiring both patterns in the hopes of making a matching set.


i didn’t quite go all out on the ruffle, although i have enough ribbon to.  i just love the yellow trim, which is exactly the same shape as some of the yellow designs on the tuesday trees print.  i do think it needs a bow, though.


so then i had a strip, literally, of flowery meadow left over from my mccall party dress.  i also had some strange crinkle cotton from paron’s leftover from a SWAG birthday dinner dress for my sister.  (that she refuses to photograph for me).  and i still wanted to make that top.

obviously, side seams…need some serious nipping and tucking to get a more 40s-style waist.  notice how that didn’t stop me from adopting it into my summer SWAP.

matched top?  what matched top?
oh…the one cut up, unsewn and “put away” somewhere i can’t even find it.

maybe next summer…?

in the meantime, my peasant-inspired skirt, in a print i ordinarily would never consider, has become a go-to when mixing with basic, comfortable and retro-inspired solids.

what can i say–yellow makes me happy.
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7 Responses to simplicity 2304 and 2571: the peasant look – retro and comfy, or stuck in the past? discuss.

  1. Debi says:

    Fabulous! I love both the skirt and the blouse (and the Gucci F’11 line…one of my favourites!). I really like the version of the blouse you made–such nice lines! The yellow trim on the skirt is fab too! yay!

  2. I like the peasant look too, but I’ve never tried it……. well, actually, I think I did way back in the ’70s, but I wasn’t choosing my clothes then 😉
    I have a few patterns from 1977-1980 that are basically the same as view 1 of those patterns, but with a larger waist of course. I think those tops would look even better with trousers (maybe the Clover from Colette?), and that would put it more into the early ’60s. I guess it’s a style that’s never really gone away.

  3. Sara says:

    Oh wow, NEVER would have known that the peasant look was around in the 40s…the things I learn! I love what you’ve made. I haven’t dabbled in the peasant look in some years (5 years?) but now I’m thinking about it again… with the rustic look that’s in right now a soft peasant shirt might be a nice contrast to some kind of chunky knit vest. My mind is working on this one.

    • puu2 says:

      thanks! i love the idea of melding something with a peasant vibe to something more modern–and i definitely plan on finding ways to integrate peasant pieces like this one into the fall/winter wardrobe. my mind is working on this one, too!

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