mccall 6171: sparkles. denim. camouflage. the end. (flying saucer alert)

i was really flying high after my success with vogue 8495.  eager to keep sewing and maniacally planning jackets in my head*, i was faced with a dilemma:  keep the jacket mojo going by diving straight from one to the other?  or bask in my glory for a while and re-visit the urge later?

*i was actually considering a jacket a month, back in january.  did you notice there’s only one jacket so far this year?  and that i made it on labor day?  yeah, that was supposed to be my “april” jacket.  and when did i cut it?  hmmm….may.

i compromised and went for something relatively simple that could be either well-constructed with fancy seam finishes or that i could just blow through, depending on my mood, and that i could have some fun with.

wait, did i say well-constructed?


oops.  that is some hot mess, there on that burrito-ed collar.  how’d i do otherwise?


i went old school on the flat-felled seams.  i could have used a flat-felling foot, but i didn’t have one with me for my featherweight, and even though my topstitching needs a lot of practice (or maybe because it does) i wanted the control of doing it without a foot:  sewing it wrong sides together, trimming half of it down, folding one seam over the other and topstitching it to get that classic double seam on the right side of the fabric.  the FW was brilliant for this sort of thing.

more of puu’s stupid mistakes (or, “oops, i did it again”):

i cut this baby out at the new Sewing Studio open sewing club, which seemed like a great idea at the time.  unfortunately, it may have been wasted on me.  my mom was in hospital, i had lost half of my week because my mom was in hospital, i was feeling grouchy, the hip-hop station on the radio was feeling too loud, the AC was blowing my pattern pieces all over the place, and…did i mention the grouchy bit?  so i didn’t really give the place a chance.  i just cut and ran.  (literally!  i did!  i cut and ran!)  and, in the meanwhile, feeling so clever that i had modified my sleeve cap on the fly, i ended up mis-measuring the armscye on the jacket body…meaning my sleeve cap is now actually too short for the armscye.

oops, i did it again
so i’m a bit up a creek, for now.

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