weekend goals and the friday night sew-in

Handmade by Heidi

i’m pretty sure the first time i saw mention of this excellent idea was over at stitches and seams. i was completely fascinated by the idea of this group crafting party on my absolute favorite night for staying in and having some fun with a project. at my age, i know, i should be out painting the town or something, but truthfully, i prefer to observe friday night in the spirit (not the letter) of my jewish upbringing: as separate from the rest of the week, as a quiet, special place for personal growth. over the years this has meant many things, be it a special evening out with friends (dinner and a movie is a classic for a reason, after all) following evening services; to getting home from the Capitol building (where i used to work) and making a special dessert; to walking home from my office on 48th Street and making a huge dinner and watching a classic Hitchcock flick (notorious is my special favorite).

from my flickr – part of a photo series i did in 2006-2007 entitled “fridays”

these days, friday night means my favorite leftovers from the week, a good TV series on DVD–harpers island this time, in honor of halloween–my shabbos candles that my mother bought me in israel, and a lot of sewing.  so i love the idea of a friday night sew-in.  makes my current friday night ritual seem that much more official!  according to blog hosts heidi and bobbi, these are the rules:

  1. sign up on the link with your blog/web address.  blog about it and invite everyone you know!
  2. on friday 10/21/11 make something FUN.  get your comfy clothes on and CRAFT until you cant go anymore.
  3. saturday 10/22/11 be sure and blog about your project.  post some pictures, talk about your night, surf other blogs to see what everyone else did.
  4. sunday 10/23/11 check back on my blog for the lucky winners picked by random.org

should i set some goals?  will i just jinx myself?  at any rate, these are the things i am working on this week:

wish me luck, and have a wonderful weekend–however you choose to enjoy it!

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3 Responses to weekend goals and the friday night sew-in

  1. Clare says:

    Friday night sew-in is a great idea! I may have to restart a blog and join in as going out on Friday night (in the winter anyway) is about as appealing as a cold shower. I’m new to your blog – looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. oonaballoona says:

    OH. that last pattern… my heart hurts… can’t… speak…..

    i love the spirit of your fridays. mine starts with ballet and ends with sewing!

  3. Kat H says:

    Oh yay, brilliant idea. 🙂 I may have to go sign up – what fun!

    That last Simplicity pattern – swoon! Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to see it made up.

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