mccall 6822: major, major fail…in my most favorite fabric of all

any other anime fans out there?  i ask because i’m pretty sure i was sunk the moment i saw the name of this fabric (never mind the pattern), and i’m wondering if you’ll get the reference.

liberty of london "minako" purchased from shaukat

liberty of london "minako" purchased from shaukat

aino minako/sailor venus

aino minako, also known as sailor venus, from the anime "pretty soldier sailor moon"

so anyway, i had this gorgeous fabric and in my head i was already calling it “the goddess of love and beauty” dress and trying to find a really fun anime still for inspiration. before i had gotten that far, i found this pattern.

in fact, i may even have had it in the stash already because THAT SKIRT.  awesome.  great tiki/bombshell thing going on, and a bow.  and that side drape is just fabulous.  i didn’t love the halter top, but that seemed easy enough to fix.

substitute top #1:

bias-cut late 50s cowl.  perfect, right?
not quite.

because it was on the bias and had some ease, there was no need for a zipper, which made it harder to match my plans for mccall 6822, which i wanted to be a dress, even though (technically) it is separates.  and that ease?  way, way too much.  i kept taking it in, forming a CB seam, got a cute white waistband around it, and decided it looked too fancy for what i was going for.

substitute top #2:

seems like a plausible alternative.  i’d finally perfect the fit of the blouse, there’s plenty of room for the back bow in this already bow-friendly design, it would be cute but not too cute, professional but not too professional, a great all around.

until i finished the construction.  great fit on the blouse:

but wait, what is going on in the back?  i don’t understand…

nope, that’s not (just) a crappy picture you’re looking at.  the entire thing is off-center.  somehow, during the attachment of the waistband, the entire garment shifted to the side.  of course, i noticed this immediately but soldiered through the remaining construction stiffly (and a bit half-heartedly) to see if it would matter.

i think it did, don’t you?

excuse me, i’m just going to go rip the pieces back apart and cry quietly in my corner right now.

i’m hoping that if i take a deep breath, let the pieces sit for a while, and re-try it next spring, i’ll get what i was going for.  but in the interim…


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11 Responses to mccall 6822: major, major fail…in my most favorite fabric of all

  1. Clare says:

    The dress looks amazing from the front, and this fabric is gorgeous. I hope you manage to fix it. Maybe underlining the back bias sections with fabric cut on the straight would keep them from misbehaving. Good luck!

  2. Sara says:

    First of all, amazing Sailor Moon reference! And what a bummer about the dress, I totally know what you mean about soldiering on when you know it’s only doomed for failure…been there, done that.

    Maybe you could wear a really long wig (a la Sailor Venus), and it would cover the back?? (haha)

  3. puu2 says:

    at least someone here understands my obsessions 😉
    clearly the fabric designer was a fan as well!

  4. Kimberly says:

    oh, i hate when that happens… 😦 at least the front looks gorgeous! 🙂

  5. Bonita says:

    ~ * ♥ * ~

    Oh, your dress looks fabulous from the front… I do hope it works out for you!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. Claudia says:

    My four daughters (ages 14 to 23) are all avid anime fans. They were influenced by their father, not me. Never could get into it.

    Anyway, whenever I make mistakes with sewing or knitting that discourage me and nearly make me want to trash the whole garment, I find it helpful to click on a movie, grab my dear, close friend, the Seam Ripper, and rip everything right away. Once that’s done, only THEN do I put it aside for a day or a week or … however long. When I have had sufficient time to mourn the time lost on the first try, I find I am always more ready to pick it up again if the dreadful stitch-ripping is a fait accompli.

    Good luck!

  7. foster says:

    The front is gorgeous. And it is not a “major fail”. I wouldn’t even have the skill to try and put two patterns together. I’m sure after you set it aside for a while, you’ll be able to fix it!

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