gushing review: shaukat fabrics (uk)

Shaukat Fabrics, “The Largest Stockist of Liberty Cotton in London”

Have you bought anything from this store? If yes were the prices competitive?
there are really few words to describe the insanity of the prices here.  any liberty obsessive fan will tell you that it is an expensive habit.  here in the united states, at B&J and purl soho, liberty is generally $38/yd.  on a good day, will have it for $28/yd.  and, of course, the selection will often be limited to the classics or, if you are lucky, a few of the seasonal prints (like the yoshi i scored at B&J last year).

(incidentally, another great source of liberty print is ebay–but again, there’s always the question of finding the print you want.  but the prices can be beyond belief.  $50 for three whole meters!  but that is neither here nor there)

image from "a dress a day"

shaukat carry liberty prints in cotton for 16GBP/meter, which (today, at least) is $25.  and, people, this includes the VAT!  if you order it from the online store, it is 13GBP/meter (no VAT) and only 5GBP for shipping.  even you when you factor shipping and the exchange rate, it is still cheaper to buy it from shaukat than it is to buy it locally.  what a score!

they also carry the silks (charmeuse and crepe-de-chine), the wool and the jersey.  and they stock basically every liberty print ever.

image from "a dress a day"

Were the sales people polite and friendly?
friendly? not per se. attentive and patient? absolutely.  i kept apologizing for dilly-dallying about the shop and the young woman who helped me smiled and indicated that she was quite used to cleaning up the drool.
How would you rate the quality of the item this store sells?
it’s liberty. that is pretty much the best cotton out there in terms of quality and fun, in my book.

How was your shopping experience. Is there anything you did not like about this store?
it’s not the prettiest store ever, but it’s in a great bit of london. i actually planned an entire day around it and was not disappointed. my shopping experience was extremely pleasant and the owners and staff, as i said, were polite and attentive. and patient!

Would you shop here again?
i shop online all the time and will happily run straight back there the next time i am in london.

Would you recommend this store to others?
no. all of you, stay away from my fabric!!
real answer: absolutely. it is a great buy if you are in the market for liberty and trying to maintain some kind of budget.

incidentally, i scored all of this for 100 GBP.  okay, it’s not exactly a steal, but since my budget for my entire trip (including 4 days in paris) was less than 500 euro, i was incredibly pleased with myself.  i was even able to splurge on some of the lantana wool and some of the printed silk.  and i had enough money left over for lunch at wagamama in south kensington.  what more do you need in life?

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2 Responses to gushing review: shaukat fabrics (uk)

  1. Thanks to share. I will put this one on my list!

  2. Debi says:

    Ooohhhhh good resource! big thank you!!!

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