style in the wild: simplicity 2522 cape in action

i had planned to post finished photos of my insane S2522 cape from my recent trip to paris–only i ended up only wearing it one day!  and i didn’t take a photo!

it’s interesting how sometimes, when you are planning a garment, you see it styled very specifically.  in this instance i had a clear vision of what the ideal “under garment” for this cape would be–a great blouse, a short skirt about the length of the cape, and a killer pair of boots.  and you know what?  it looked…ok.

who would have guessed that a great outfit for the cape would be that casual fridays classic, trousers and a button-down shirt?

blouse:  elizabeth and james
trousers:  madewell “widelegger”
belt: j. crew
scarf: hermes “Nuées Imaginaires”

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6 Responses to style in the wild: simplicity 2522 cape in action

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love this! The drape of the shoulders is so classy- I’ve been toying with a cape idea- now I must do it!

  2. Rose says:

    Great Style! You look terrific.

  3. Debi says:

    I’ve always wanted to see this pattern sewn up! The cape is AMAZING. I just love the shoulder details….so classy and it’s perfect for casual fridays!!

  4. It’s fabulous – possibly one of the most wearable capes I’ve seen …. I could almost be persuaded – especially seeing it with shirt & trousers! I’ve just been exploring Sew Country Chick’s linky-party…. lovely to find you!

  5. simone says:

    Dear Puu, I want one too!

    Your cape is absolutely fabulous!!!!!
    I would like to ask you a question: Would you sell this pattern (or a copy of it)? If yes, please contact me.
    Thank you so much

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