vogue 7937: my very first skirt gets its very first outing

like so many of us, the first project i made was supposed to be a classic, simple skirt.  and i did make that.  sort of.  (first, i made a dress)  i didn’t know that vogue patterns were “harder” than others, i just knew that out of the pattern books at my local jo-ann, this skirt had the most pleasing lines.  i could already envision one in view D with the asymmetrical hem.  (we all know how that turned out)  while i was doing this, because even a mere two weeks into my sewing career i couldn’t help myself, i had snagged a few yards of a really nice chocolate brown corduroy from truemart fabrics to make the straight view with the two walking vents (i didn’t know that was what they were called yet).

it’s sort of simultaneously horrifying and yet really well-constructed for a woman who had only been sewing for two weeks.  the straight seems, i think, are pretty good, and i remembered the make the nap all face one way.

the facings are sort of a disaster because i didn’t know what understitching was.

and it’s sort of funny to see that my fight with the blind hemming stitch on my kenmore started pretty much out of the box.

but here is the skirt in all of its functionality and glory.  you can’t really deny that a nice brown corduroy skirt is really a wardrobe staple.  true story:  this really is the first time i have worn this skirt, even though i constructed it two years ago!

mccall 4096 in yellow cotton and “tuesday trees”
red leather biker boots that need new soles
turquoise boot sox – i am really loving the red/turquoise combo this season!
“charlotte” tights from wolford (yeah for last call sales!)
skinny red belt from j.crew, who were clever enough to do loads of basic wardrobe items in pretty much every color of the rainbow this year…

Pattern Review
Pattern Description:

Semi-fitting, straight skirt, below mid-knee has front princess seams and side zipper. A, B: back vents. B: tab with button trim. C: back pleats. D: gored back and shaped hem.

Pattern Sizing:
i cut a 12, since i’m a pretty solid 12 right out of the envelope (especially on a vogue).

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
yes, great technical drawings on this one.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
very! and it was only my second pattern experience!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
wardrobe staple with some extra elegance from design details such as the two back vents or the gored back version.

Fabric Used:
brown corduroy from truemart fabrics in NYC

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
i did fold out the inch for the “petite” alteration, even though i am not so petite. i just liked the length better.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
i’ve sewn it three times, so take that as a yes on both counts.

great beginner pattern, great wardrobe staple, highly recommend!

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1 Response to vogue 7937: my very first skirt gets its very first outing

  1. “you can’t really deny that a nice brown corduroy skirt is really a wardrobe staple.”

    You were quite brave for your first and second effort. I think that makes us kindred spirits. I did not bother with pillow covers either. 🙂

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