joining the bandwagon review: the colette patterns book really is all that. and a bag of chips.

Colette Sewing Handbook, from

Book Index/Chapter headings
A Thoughtful Plan
A Precise Pattern
A Beautiful Fabric
A Fine Finish

PaperBack or HardBound?
best of both worlds–spiral bound with a hard cover.

Does this book have clear illustrations or photographs?
it’s an interesting mix. the styled photographs and technical drawings are excellent, as are most of the images accompanying the text. but there are a few odd ones here and there that don’t quite add to the magic as much. that said, the illustrations are clear and the instructions are bang on.

Would you recommend this book as a MUST HAVE?
yes. sarai’s unique and holistic approach to sewing as a design and crafting process is a voice that is sorely needed in the sewing book market. her design aesthetic and choice of models also make her stand apart from the crowd in a variety of positive ways. her patterns aren’t just throw-aways that might come with a book (i’m looking at you, countless books full of sewing machine cover patterns!) but comprise a stunning wardrobe of mix-and-match separates that coordinate brilliantly with her established colette patterns line. you would not feel amiss buying one of these patterns from her store, and having five of them in a book is practically a steal, however much it would be nice to have even more!

i was especially impressed with all of sarai’s asides on approaching designing as more than matching pattern and fabric. her writing on mood boards and inspiration folders made my fingers itch, and i can’t even draw stick figures.

i’m not usually such a proponent of colette patterns, having never given them a proper try-out. however, sarai’s work with her blog and her pattern company is incredibly inspiring and i initially bought the book in support of her efforts. now i’m just as smitten as everyone else, gleefully imagining the ways these retro-inspired looks will blend in with my self-sewn wardrobe, which includes both vintage and modern patterns with a decidedly eclectic result.

possible first project…?
strongly considering this bad boy with some zany print fabric.  also in contrasting fabric.  i can see this becoming TNT very quickly.

Pastille Dress from Colette Sewing Handbook

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