vogue 7937: a flying saucer with no excuse

this was my not-so-modest ambition way back in october:  my tailored marfy vest, which i thought, no way will i finish this…ever; and my second (third, actually) iteration of vogue 7937, which honest-to-goodness takes about an hour and a half to sew, start-to-finish.

here’s mine:

notice how it is inexplicably unfinished, while i finished my marfy in a matter of days.  actually, there is an explanation, but it’s the excuse kind.  the one-step-up-from “but i don’t wanna” kind.  really, a version of “i’m much too lazy even to consider that.”  the issue?  i haven’t decided how i want to finish the back seams.  do i press open and pink?  press to the side and topstitch?

therein lies my dilemma.  and my unfinished pile of would-be skirt.

i’m really feeling both the appeal and repulsion of my pile of UFOs these days…which, frankly, is starting to resemble the area 51 store room from indiana jones.

somehow i doubt the ark of the covenant is going to show up in my pile. but, fun fact: my bat mitzvah portion was the chapter in exodus where they build the ark.

here i want to put some boning in the high waistband.  that’s going to be the key to getting good structure and the 50s look i am going for.

my beautiful and still unfinished go-to separates.

what? i can be a 50s co-ed if i want to. i’m planning on white cotton italian pique for the shirt, with accents of some beautiful white-with-purple pinstripe same i picked up at B&J for a nauseating expense. the skirt is another fabric that got me in trouble straight from the name: elysian. the purple flowers are busy, but soothing, and i loved the idea of mixing the stripe and the print.  the lavender is in case i go for the weskit and the full look.
this one is a bit odd, the colors may end up being too super-bright, but i just can’t get over the combo and how much i enjoy it.
they are appealing because they are outfits and pieces i both want and need.  but a part of me is sick of them because they’ve been on my project board since july.  i’m ready for new things!  i’ve got a long-term project in me for january–i’d like to copy a non-cardigan-style chanel jacket i spied at my favorite consignment shop over thanksgiving weekend, and i have both the pattern and the fabric to do it.

i have plans for this that involve the pastille bodice and a skirt on a slight bias with three layers of hem, to pick up the incredibly slight tone of warm pink in the roses.

not to mention my pastille bodice and pastille/meringue skirt combo.

and the three four former FOs i have decided to refashion to fit my current needs, style and ability (plus some of them just aren’t working right now, period)

so i am putting this out there in order to help myself get in order and be accountable.  i’d love for the separates to be done before the end of the year, so i can work in january on my chanel-style jacket and be starting some spring work by president’s day weekend.  maybe it’s too much.  but i’m hoping that all i need is a free weekend or two, maybe a FNSI, and a good queue of movies to keep me going.

and, yeah, i already have a spring to-do board.  don’t even get me started on the ways i drive myself insane.

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