casual fridays: my finished top from simplicity 2183!

victory at last!  this week i actually got some work done and finished the “mabelle” version of my simplicity 2183 top, made from a moulage with modified sleeves and neckline.

as you can see, the design changes really make the top look more modern, but with enough vintage feel that i have a great vibe happening today with my top, skinny red courdory trousers, and shawl collar sweater.  sort of a 40s-50s mish-mash.

i’m also wearing (unseen) a skinny blue belt with SPARKLES all over it, and my favorite shiny red ballet flats, so i’m feeling pretty good (even with a cold) for a friday.

speaking of fridays, it’s my favorite kind of friday today.

Handmade by Heidi

tonight’s agenda is incredibly ambitious and involves a lot of finishing work, including:

  • completing the side seams of my camel hair vogue 7937
  • hemming a UFO from last year
  • hemming my simplicity 2183 skirt
  • finishing two collars and two sets of cuffs for two S2183 blouses
  • working on my high-waisted vogue skirt, so i can buy boning tomorrow
  • working on a new cape, so i can get buttonholes made tomorrow
  • working on my pastille blouse, which i cut this week
  • working on my meringue/pastille skirt (ditto)

fortunately my best friend from college is coming to visit tonight with her 6-month old daughter.  she estimates they will arrive from baltimore at around 1am, giving me plenty of time to work on projects in an attempt to keep myself awake!  also, i managed to acquire a special treat:

downton abbey series 2

i cannot wait to see what excuses lady mary and cousin matthew come up with for not getting together this time…

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5 Responses to casual fridays: my finished top from simplicity 2183!

  1. Clio says:

    I am green with envy that you have Downton Abbey. GREEN!!!!

  2. Meaghan says:

    Who do you kmow to get a copy of Season 2!? I am seriously jealous. Your clothes are also vwry lovely!

  3. Amelia says:

    I totally have that Simplicity pattern too! I haven’t used it yet but I bought it because I liked the front graphic….I think I have been hesitant to make it up because of the very defined shoulders. I love that look just not on me. I might need to copy you and make some mods. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • puu says:

      i say go for it! i also bought it because the drawing on the envelope had a really fun 40s cuteness, but the top is a pattern that keeps on giving and the skirt–even unaltered (i usually shorten)–is really a great go-to piece.

      also, i think you will find that these shoulders are not exaggerated as so many 40s patterns are.

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