advance 8516: because sometimes you just want to be a 50s co-ed (end of the year UFO parade, day 3)

pattern: advance 8516.  for now, just the skirt portion – a gorgeous, long pencil skirt with back pleats instead of a walking vent.  i do have fabric at the ready to make the blouse and even the weskit, but for now am grateful to have finished the skirt and gotten it into rotation.

look at me in big girl shoes! my mom would be so proud...

time in area 51:  6 weeks

excuses:  fortunately, nothing major besides serious pleat fatigue.  i’d been working on two versions of the skirt simultaneously, one of them lined, and i’d assembled the bits and pieces sort of factory style, doing one step on each of the three pieces and then going back and moving on.  the pleats, doing all of them at the same time, nearly killed me.  i’m not great at pleats to begin with.  also, my lining had serious fray issues, and i felt too end-of-the-year tired to really do my usual seam finishes.  everything is pressed and pinked and that is pretty much it.

how i finished it:  two FNSIs in a row – one got me started, the other got me finished.  hemming was a bit of a challenge, and, yeah, i may have accidentally poked a hole (or 4) into the hem, but i was able to fix everything and get the finishes i was looking for.  i trimmed the lining hem with purple lace and the skirt hem with turquoise.

worth the wait:  yes, because i love the look in this pattern and this will be an impetus to get working on the other bits.

the second version, still awaiting its hem, is a crisp silk/linen blend in a denim blue from metro textiles.  it’ll go great with the “mabelle” version of my favorite top.

Pattern Description:
“TEEN BLOUSE, SKIRT AND WESKIT – THREE PARTS PERFECT to wear together or alone! SHORT WESKIT, dart fitted, buttons at front. Scoop neckline narrows at shoulders. Can be worn sleeveless or over blouse. Belt at waist buttons to side-front. (Cut for plaids – stripes – checks). BLOUSE has roll-up sleeves, contrasting collar and tie. SLIM SKIRT with low-placed box-pleats at back.”

Pattern Sizing:
sz 14/34B

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
the entire look is retro but still classic and with just a touch of timelessness.  wearing it today, you’re expressing a point of view without wearing a costume.  also, i liked the idea of a longer pencil skirt and thought the back pleats were a great design detail for adding walking ease.  i’m horrible at vents!

Fabric Used:
liberty of london tana lawn “elysian” from
“liberty” silk from elliot berman textiles, nyc (they called it “liberty” silk because apparently it comes from the same textile mill.  i just loved how well it went with the pattern while also sort of clashing, with all of the busy-ness!)

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
it’s an easy skirt with a cool look.  definitely worth having on hand, and in more than one color.

great pattern, great look.

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3 Responses to advance 8516: because sometimes you just want to be a 50s co-ed (end of the year UFO parade, day 3)

  1. Clio says:

    Nice skirt! It’s nice to have an alternative to a vent!

    Re lace basics knitting class – yes! It’s right near the Garment District at School Products Yarn. I posted about my first class there a few months ago –

    Feel free to email me if you have questions about the class – Clio[dot]phineas[at]gmail[dot]com

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