simplicity 1507: a funny thing happened on my refashion (end of the year UFO parade)

pattern: simplicity 1507.  may i introduce you to my biggest disappointment of 2010?


time in area 51:  1 year

excuses:  what happened was that i actually did finish this dress.  in 2010.  at midnight the night before i was going to a big antiques show with my mom, and i wanted to wear my new dress.  and i was so in love with both the pattern, with its cool drop waist and pleated skirt, and the fabric, which would suit so well the pattern drawing showing the different striped grainlines, that i literally could not conceive of disappointment.

my construction process was, to begin with, a bit overwrought.  by a stroke of luck i had cut out the pattern very neatly and had no stripe issues.  i started by pleating the skirt, getting it out of the way.  but then i got myself in trouble.  knowing how soft liberty lawn is, and having recently experimented with using sew-in interfacing as an underlining on a bodice, i thought, wow!  let’s try that again!  it’ll give great structure.  if by great structure i meant “i will not be able to rotate my shoulders or arms and i will feel like i have been carrying around a 20lb bag on my shoulder after spending half an hour in this dress.”

also, the back didn’t fit. of course, i only a few months ago learned how to make my bodice backs fit properly, but this one seems particularly ugly.  so i was having a dilemma:  a FO, in expensive and gorgeous fabric, but totally unwearable.  finally i faced the truth.

how i finished it:  i had one of those great bursts of energy that sometimes happen when you’re experiencing the right combination of enthusiasm and skill and time available to complete a problem.  i pulled out my trusty moulage, shook out my original pattern pieces, and set out to make a new, smaller pattern i could cut out of my existing bodice.  but something really unusual and fortuitous happened.

my new bodice pattern, over my original bodice pattern. you can see the only major change i had to make was to shorten it by about an inch.

my new bodice pattern, over my original bodice piece. BEFORE CUTTING. freaky!

DUDE.  do you see that?  it’s like it was meant to be!  somehow, in between the tweaks i had made to my original cut pattern and the few tinkers i needed in the pattern itself, combined with my trimmed seam allowances, all i had to do was put the pieces back together with the new dart locations marked.  THAT’S IT.

worth the wait:  yes, because now i have something wearable!

happy dance.


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