simplicity 8932: S.W.A.G., ponchos, and cape-pinning revenge

my first garment of the new year, and it wasn’t even for me.  in retaliation thanks, i was forced offered to make my sister a cape of her own.  she’s not much of a cape gal, but loved the idea of a stylish poncho as a sweater alternative for the days (every day, according to her) that the thermostat in the lecture hall where she has most of her classes is set too low.  this was actually a big style leap for my younger sis, who tends toward a chic “american classic” vibe but is still outgrowing her college years spent in citizens jeans and polo t-shirts.

so we went for a great, textured, brilliantly colored off-white woven wool from the coating section at mood fabrics.  the texture gives great visual interest, goes great with her coloring, and allowed me the fun of sticking in some contrasting elements.  because, after all, if i am making it, i get to have some fun as well.

i shortened the poncho.  A LOT.  this thing was like a slanket with no arm holes, even on me, and i’m a not-too-shabby 5’8″.  also, i didn’t interface the collar because my sister is not a fan of an upturned collar.  (neither am i.)  the uninterfaced collar now falls in a very pleasing sort of convertible collar shape, like on your favorite casual shirt.  the pattern didn’t call for them, but i made facings because i thought it would look prettier on the inside neckline that way, and i added some piping to the collar to make hand-stitching easier.  the buttons are not functional but add that extra bit of visual interest.

although i spread the work out over two weeks, you can make this, start-to-finish, in about two or three hours depending on your finishing techniques and level of detail.

Pattern Description:
Vintage 1970 Misses’ Poncho with Neckline Interest, Mini-Skirt and Pants: (Poncho One Size). The lined poncho with slit opening at back neckline fastens with hook and eye. V. 1 has optional rick rack, embroidered braid or ribbon and ball fringe trim. V. 2 with fringe trim has matching fringe trimmed scarf. V. 3 with collar may be worn with opening in front. The pants V. 1 and 3 and the mini-skirt V. 3 have elastic waistline casing.

Pattern Sizing:
34B.  made as-is.  obviously a poncho is going to have plenty of wiggle room.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
close enough for government work.  in my opinion, it looks better and truer to what the wearer wanted…

Were the instructions easy to follow?
instructions?  pah!  it’s a poncho!  it has two seams!  but the instructions overall were solid and easy to follow.

Fabric Used:
textured, woven wool in off-white from mood fabrics.  contrast bits in scraps of liberty tana lawn (pattern name unknown) from S/S 10 (maybe?) line.


it was super-long.  like, wearing a blanket long.  i’m fairly tall, and it came below my knees unaltered.  the wearer, my sister, just kisses 5 feet, so i went ahead and shortened it by probably about a foot.  i did not interface the collar because we wanted more of a convertible collar look than a mandarin collar, but if you’re going for the full-on stand-up collar go with the interfacing.  i drafted and added facings at the open neckline to give the whole thing a cleaner finish and an extra bit of contrast with the colored cotton fabric.  i added decorative buttons for a bit of that je n’est sais quoi.  (also, i thought they were pretty.)

something different for a fun outer layer.  why not?  it whips up in less than 3 hours and offers endless variations.

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3 Responses to simplicity 8932: S.W.A.G., ponchos, and cape-pinning revenge

  1. Debi says:

    Love your poncho! I’ve made this poncho as well and you were good to shorten it…mine ended up being like a big sack and when it was windy it just whipped around 🙂 Love the collar as well!

    • puu says:

      i was thinking of your poncho a bit, debi, but i admit i totally forgot about the wind factor 🙂 fortunately my sister is keeping it indoors…

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I like, I like! Almost ecclesiastical ……pretty!

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