another simplicity 2571: sleeker, shorter, and trimmed with lace

when you find yourself reaching for the same skirt every week, it’s probably time to make another.

this time, i riffed on a christian dior RTW skirt i saw last winter (yes, it’s been festering for over a year) that was a simple, classic, very 40s skirt with a much more daring hemline and a great touch:  a big ribbon trim on the bottom.  to me, it reads just slightly naughty–like, your slip is showing–and very feminine.

two things:  the skirt is really short.  at first, i was a little disappointed in myself that i had made it so short.  but i like it anyway, because i’ve lately felt very suffocated by the longer skirts i have been making on my 40s and 50s dresses.  i’ve felt so suffocated that, one by one, i’ve been disassembling some of my favorites and shortening the skirts and re-fitting the bodices.  so this felt like a much-needed tonic.  also, it fits at my natural waistline, which none of my RTW skirts do.

second thing:  i still have to understand better how much width i want in a skirt like this.  (i think it is a quarter-circle skirt?)  i love the slight bias flare you get from the way the grain is aligned, so when i shortened the skirt, i kept ALL of the width from the original hemline.  then, when i left the skirt to hang, most of that extra width was so out of place and (literally) out of line that it got hemmed out.

not much else to say today.  i had hoped to submit my sew weekly to mena last night but i was thwarted by a too-short zipper.  yep, that’s right.  installed the zip (by hand!), hemmed it (By hand!), hemmed the lining–but the zip only went just to my waistline, and the dress is fitted enough that the zip needs to go properly down to my hips (so needs a full 22″ zip) in order to get it on.

i may have gotten stuck.  i’m not telling.

preview of this week’s TSW challenge, “Made This Look”:

i really like sewing for TSW, more than i thought i would.  it’s great to have a specific goal every week and a specific focus.  it’s also streamlined my project planning and prevented many bouts of “startitis” (link via polka dot overload).  i love the thrill of seeing my posts on the sew weekly site and have my sights set on making it as one of the five featured contributors some time this year.  meanwhile, i am trying to figure out if a balance is even possible between my TSW garments and other garments on my to-do list that (as yet) do not fit into themes.  so far, for every theme mena has listed (contributors have the themes already through the end of february) i’ve been able to apply a garment straight off my planning board.

have a good wednesday.  stay sane!  only two more days to friday.

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3 Responses to another simplicity 2571: sleeker, shorter, and trimmed with lace

  1. Mary says:

    I admire your ability to stay with the weekly challenges. I am slacking lately on my measley goals and only get started sewing at 8pm, leaving a short time before bed in which to get anything done. Love your blog, and all your cool projects!

  2. nettie says:

    It’s so cute! And I don’t think it looks short at all. You have great legs! The Sew Weekly has been better than I thought it would be, too. With so many contributors I don’t feel as pressured to make something every week (I skipped this week). I’m also trying to work out how to fit the challenges into what I want to sew, which patterns and fabric I have available and what I will actually wear.

  3. puu says:

    thanks, ladies! i am sure the challenge novelty will wear off, but i’m with nettie–if i can keep it fitted with things i already want done, having the incentive to finish it in a week is huge.

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