what i have at home instead of handmade ryan gosling

this would be my version of handmade ryan gosling.

i’ve been really busy and really tired lately, and keep doing other things–like pattern drafting–rather than actually sewing.  i’m the kind of procrastinator who puts off the work by stretching the preparation for the work as far out as possible.  in this instance, though, i think i’m right.  it’s so much more satisfying when that burst of energy finally comes to know your pattern is ready to cut than to have to pull out the ruler and paper and start from scratch.

i’m also trying not to write a to-do list.  counter-intuitive, right?  but i feel like a to-do list will just complete the sense that i’m totally overwhelmed instead of helping.  better to go with what i’m in the mood to do at a given moment than to feel pressure on any specific thing.

because there’s loads going on!  i’ve got my pieces all ready to go for next week’s sew weekly theme, which is “red”.

i’m starting with a version of the burdastyle sewing handbook jacket inspired by blair waldorf’s red jacket from the season 1 episode “dare devil.”  it’s what she wears out with her minions to go clubhopping.

can you see the cute semi-bustle in the back?

i’m even ready for the week after that, which is “oscars”. predictably, riffing on my downton abbey craze, i’m going with a modern take on my favorite gown from titanic.

this i tried to finish on sunday.  i’ve been working on it since the 1st december FNSI, but it’s going straight into the re-do pile i’m saving up.

the cotton oxford is a loss, but i'll probably re-style the skirt or just start from scratch and make a bodice out of that kicky print.

not to mention, i’ve just bought tasia’s renfrew pattern.  not-so-coincidentally, i’ve recently stocked up on geeky t-shirts.  my favorites?

i ordered them all extra large, so that i have plenty of fabric to play with.  several of them will undoubtedly become the fabric for some renfrew tops.  others will play nicely with one of my first craft books ever–my gateway drug, if you will, the book that ultimately convinced me i needed to learn how to sew, 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special.

also, good-bye, weekends, because i just bought a house and i am closing on friday.

my new studio space...even smaller than it looks, but all mine!

so in the spirit of gertie, and to keep my mind from exploding with all of the things i’d love to get done if only i wasn’t so tired and hungry by the time i finally get home every night, i leave you my own personal version of handmade ryan gosling.  he may not be as sexy, but he sure is darn cute.

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8 Responses to what i have at home instead of handmade ryan gosling

  1. Mary says:

    Wow, new house, cool tee shirts and a sewing cat. Have a wonderful day! I am taking today “off” (I’m retired) and doing some mending and finishing a cardi.

  2. Debi says:

    HILARIOUS! I love this! CONGRATS on the new house! It looks amazing! And wow…I can definitely understand the sew weekly commitments admist everything else! Your sewing plans sound great (love that red jacket!). And your kitty is so cute!

  3. Awww handmade kitty needs to be a tumblr! I would totally contribute. Congratulations on acquiring a house and a new studio space! Can’t wait to see what you make there!

  4. puu says:

    thanks, ladies! i look forward to sharing a lot of things in the new space with all of you. and “handmade kitty” should TOTALLY be a tumblr 🙂

  5. Vicki says:

    Wow! New house! New projects! Sounds like an exciting time – Congrats. (I think I’m skipping the Red challenge because the red wool dress I was hoping to make this winter is too detailed to finish in one week, and I don’t want to rush it)

    • puu says:

      i almost definitely won’t finish the red challenge on time, but i’m really trying to at least stick with the one-a-week challenge. it’s too good for my sewing to give it up!

  6. Meg says:

    I love so many things in this post. The geek t-shirts are hilarious, your new studio space is fantastic – cannot wait to see how you set it up, the modern Titanic gown is going to be stunning, and I’m looking forward to your red jacket! So much going on, but it’s all so exciting!

    • puu says:

      a woman of your doctor who and sherlock love could certainly understand my geek t-shirts 🙂
      i’m behind on my red jacket, won’t finish in time to post on TSW, but making wonderful and exciting progress. can’t wait to share!

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