casual fridays: wherein i look like a target advert (also, red jacket progress)

nothing me-made this friday, just a snapshot of my jason wu for target top.  i had the bag today, too.

t-shirt:  jason wu for target
jacket: elie tahari, circa 2004
trousers: rag&bone
shoes: red ballet flats (not pictured)

actually, i had a really good clothes week this week. i’m getting better at melding my me-made pieces with my RTW favorites and developing a better sense of style, with less schizophrenia.

meanwhile:  progress on my TSW “red” challenge.

omg! no cat! where is he hiding?

i have the shell of the jacket completed. the entire jacket is underlined in silk organza, the sleeves are lovingly hand-gathered, all the seams are pressed and clipped.  and i love how the shortened jacket back turned into a sort of bustle/peplum hybrid that looks pretty awesome.  however, there’s still quite a ways to go:  i’ve been procrastinating, big time, on the lining.  note to self:  i hate lining jackets.  why not treat myself to a hong kong finish and a half-lining sometime, huh?

also:  armscye princess seams are not my favorites.

and, while i love this fabric (matte silk taffeta), it’s definitely difficult to work with.  it’s been a real challenge to keep everything pressed and clean.

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1 Response to casual fridays: wherein i look like a target advert (also, red jacket progress)

  1. Meg says:

    I am in love with your red jacket – it is positively gorgeous!

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