the sew weekly “oscars”: inspiration

this one’s been on my drawing board for almost a year.  it’s maybe too easy an out, but part of the reason i decided to try TSW was to bring pieces off the board and into real life.

see my full sew weekly "oscars" mood board here

since my downton fetish isn’t going away any time soon, this dress ties in even better.  because let’s face it, 14 years later, practically the only thing still good about titanic is the clothes.

remember? this was a pretty popular sentiment on t-shirts back in 1998...

i’m going with a modern pattern, vogue 8409, to avoid a full costume look. this particular tea gown is especially easy to take too far, since modern materials can’t seem to match the elegance of the bead- and lace-work on the movie dress.

for example, the work put into this version (from the sense & sensibility website) is truly amazing, and i can see why the owner is rightfully proud of it.  but it’s not the look i’m going for.  (not my cup of tea, perhaps)

i’ve finished the dress and done it up in a creamy cotton eyelet from B&J, and re-drafted the sleeves to go for more of a bell look.  i also put in a gathered pleat in the back of the skirt.  i’m having serious pleat obsession right now.

seriously. how do you not want detail like that in EVERY SKIRT YOU OWN?!

i made a slip dress in a green silk from a 1930s pattern, and i hate it, but it looks pretty good under the dress.  (full reveal in a proper TSW post, hopefully tomorrow, but don’t hold me to that.)

what’s still on the table for discussion is the belt.  the belt on that dress in the film is sort of insane.

so, do i got for a modern, clean obi-style belt, like this one i’ve got cut and ready to go from simplicity 1920?

or maybe something…fuller, with more volume?  like a cummerbund?

speaking of simplicity 1920, have you seen the great version gertie has whipped up in the spring issue of "sew stylish"?

most of all, is it “overdesigned” — the dreaded project runway word — if i add some pleats to it, colette pastille-style, to mimic the tiers of the original skirt?

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2 Responses to the sew weekly “oscars”: inspiration

  1. No opinion to offer re: belt, because I like all the options, but can I just say I’m so excited to see your big reveal? I love that dress and can’t wait to see your version.

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