because i can’t let it go: still more downton dressing ideas

working on my titanic-style dress for this week’s sew weekly got me caught right back up again in the arms of my ongoing obsession, downton abbey.  which means, dear readers, you will have to suffer through still more thoughts on how i would interpret these looks.

don’t cry.  pretty pictures ahead.  🙂

i love lady mary’s formal dinner gown from series two–especially now that i can see it is blue, not black.  (which should have been obvious–wouldn’t it be inappropriate for a lady NOT in mourning to wear black to dinner?)

i’ve become quite fond of the idea of doing this look as a blouse.  a nice, basic bodice with vaguely corset-inspired stylines would be a great start:

in this instance, i would probably trace off the pattern to get the right shape, and eliminate the button front by re-aligning the center fronts minus the placket.  then i could decide whether to commit to the pintucks or keep it more straight.  can’t you see it in a great blue lace with a blue underlining?  and the sleeves would be fun to figure out, although probably a fair bit of work to determine the best way to design, cut and insert those velvet bits and the tie-end.

and what about using my new dueling patterns, vogue 1043 and vogue 8409, to get a working version of this beauty from series 1?

and i already told you i’m having a hard time not putting pleats in everything after watching the great movement in this skirt of lady mary’s.

in addition to my two planned gingers, i’m seeing another version of the burdastyle handbook skirt (only with a pleat, duh), which i’ve been planning to remake from a 40s dress i made last year that looks to house-dress-y.

oh!  and i nearly forgot!  have any of you checked out susan khalje’s new craftsy course?  firstly,  how exciting is it that someone as great as susan khalje is doing an online course like this?  first gertie, then susan, and now even the wonderful kenneth king is jumping on the bandwagon.  that’s good news for all of us looking for new techniques from wonderful teachers, no?

anyway, susan’s course focuses on a single pattern, vogue 8648.  but check out these style lines:

i’m seeing definite potential.

here’s is hoping my your friday is full of good food, a crackling fire, a relaxing night, and a DVR full of downton abbey.

who am i kidding?  here’s hoping MY friday is full of those things!

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6 Responses to because i can’t let it go: still more downton dressing ideas

  1. Meaghan says:

    Your’s blog has become my favorite. My love of clothing and Downton Abbey are both beatifully addressed. You also challenge readers to look beyond the picture on the pattern envelope and think creatively about their garments. Thank you for all the great posts and pictures. I will watch some Downton this week as well.

  2. Clio says:

    Can’t. Get. Enough. Downton. (period)
    I loved the blue dress Lady Mary wore and I’d love to see your interpretation of it.

  3. Mary says:

    I love seeing your interpretation of the beautiful dresses in the series. I don’t yet have the eye to connect those details with a current pattern. Thank you! Gorgeous eye candy.

  4. Wow, what a great eye you have! I would never have connected Lady Mary’s afternoon frock with that Vogue pattern. Hmm, I may need to go get my hands on that now. I am so glad to see someone else trying to figure out how to make Downton-esque clothes!

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