the sew weekly “refashion”: inspiration

i didn’t finish any of my potential “refashions” for this week’s sew weekly.
and now that week is over, and i have another UFO in the pile, BUT i found this challenge really fun and inspirational.

a couple of months ago, debi over at my happy sewing place did a beautiful post on what sewing weekly had inspired her to take on, and what it taught her about the learning process.  she quoted the inimitable ira glass on creativity:

and honestly, the seeds of the work i’ve been inspired to do by the “refashion” challenge were planted way back then.  when i first read this quote on debi’s blog i, for the first time since i started sewing, sat and took a pause and really thought about my garments and what i was trying to accomplish.  and like many of us, i realized that i had outgrown some of my most cherished work from my first two years of sewing–in skills, in taste, in what i was looking for in a completed piece.  but i loved these garments and was reluctant to let them go.  i stumbled quickly upon an answer:  refashion.

completed garment happy dance: simplicity 1507

beginning with my biggest disappointment of 2010 and taking over my inspiration board, many of the projects i’ve planned out or begun work on in 2012 have involved some element of refashion–taking new skills and old garments and rediscovering the joy in them.

inspiration board for 2012 (so far)

so keep an eye out for these pieces to make new appearances this year…

almost-wadder vogue 1229 becomes simplicity sew stylish 1920 (as modified in spring 2012 sew stylish magazine by gretchen hirsch)

too-big vogue 2961 becomes a self-drafted pattern based on simplicity 1975

advance 3951 becomes classic 1940s quarter-circle skirt plus cream-colored blouse from simplicity 1782.

advance 3929 splits, saving the skirt as a classic 1940s gored skirt and getting a new pink top based on vogue 631

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3 Responses to the sew weekly “refashion”: inspiration

  1. What a great quote. I love Ira Glass. I have a crush on his voice. And now I have a crush on his quote, too.

    Hmm, I need to think about this one and how it impacts my not so loved pieces from a couple years ago. I don’t think I could actually refashion any of it, but I’ve been thinking that I needed to do *something* with those pieces just so they aren’t taking up closet space anymore.

  2. dellism1920D'ellis says:

    Both Glass and the quote are new to me, but very appropriate and inspired! As an off-and-on sewer for many years I’ve noticed things have changed considerably from when I last had a good long go at sewing. Many thanks for the lovely words of advice, and suggestion to re-make. Onward!

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