weekend workshop: no sewing, but sewing space progress

progress gets made.

step 1:  tiny loft space (16 feet long, 9-ish feet wide, starting at 90″ high and ending at 24″ high) full of ungainly shelves screams potential.

remove shelves.  (which, incidentally, were each made of one long board.  maybe 12 feet long.  that i decided to pry out.  by myself.  no help.  at 11 on a friday night.  in the dark, because there are no lights up there.  sore shoulders?  you betcha.)

step 2:  paint.  (benjamin moore “summer shower”)  also at 10.30 on a friday night.  in the dark.  video track:  ocean’s 11 (with clooney, not sinatra)

step 2.5:  flat-pack furniture assembly.  video track:  project runway 3.

step 3:  add couch.  the door to the studio loft is only 30″ wide, so more flat pack.  i thought, with two college degrees and almost a master’s between us, my sister and i would be able to assemble a three-piece couch in less than an hour.  with no help.  (and no video track!  my TV with built-in player, carted from residence to residence lo these many years, decided that it no longer chose to recognize the validity of the DVD as a format earlier that morning)

my dad, not helping.

um….4 hours later, we had finally figured out the way the allen screws went into the arms of the futon.  and then my non-helping dad came and sat on it and the arm fell off.

repeat step 3.

enjoying her now-completed (and safe to sit on) handiwork.

step 4:  work tables.  video track:  leverage season 3.  (iMac to the rescue! poo on the futzy DVD player)

ask me how many times i moved that desk around the loft, only to put it right back here. just go ahead and ask. forget sore shoulders, i'm just grateful i still have all my toes!

bonus step:  shelves!  i removed the long planks because they were so huge and cumbersome, but now that i had a comfy place to sit i wanted to create a reading nook as well.  by sheer luck, the leftover shelves from the modular built-in system in the basement (left by the previous owners) were stacked neatly in the garage.

more level than they look--i did actually use a ruler and a level to hang the shelves. wonky camera angle, i guess.

bonus step 2:  sleeping upgrades.

the first two weekends, i slept here.

then, my mattress got delivered–but not my bed.

air mattress on box springs. cat not included.

this weekend was the big “move.”  we worked with college hunks hauling junk, and they were awesome.  very helpful, friendly, professional, and i considered the price completely reasonable.  my bed was part of the haul.

only it had shifted during transit and the screws were loose!  disaster!  after again applying 2.5 degrees from accredited institutions of higher education, my sister and i uncovered the bolts that could be used to secure the bed.


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4 Responses to weekend workshop: no sewing, but sewing space progress

  1. Debi says:

    It’s coming along and looking good! Remind me to tell you about the time that me and a friend tried to put together an IKEA bunk/loft bed by ourselves. HA! We somehow managed but I don’t think my shoulders ever recovered 🙂 Kitten looks happy!

  2. Meg says:

    It looks great!! It’s definitely coming along, and it’s so exciting to watch this process. Just think of all the muscle you are building up with all of the furniture construction 😉

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for the kind words about College Hunks.

    The place looks awesome and I’m glad you don’t have to sleep on tile anymore (though, to be fair, sleeping on tile is kind of like always having the cool side of the pillow against your face… minus the soft comfort, haha).

    Anyway, great blog!

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