on sewing and how it takes over your life; or, chores? what chores?

friends, i am feeling bereft.

i am a sewing addict, and yet it has been 3 weeks since i’ve last sewn.

my half-finished "pretty as a picture" blouse

oh, i’ve been thinking about sewing–as usual, i’ve been thinking about it so much, and in so many different contexts, that it occasionally actually makes my head spin.  during my mid-march malaise, plenty of our friends in the online sewing world have been providing amazing food for thought.  go down my blogroll, go down your own, and there are creative people out there coming up with and posting things on a daily basis that make my fingers itch (and yours, too, i suspect.)  happily, all of this amazing content has provided me with many things to think about, and write about, and incorporate into my plans, but doesn’t solve the central issue:

it has been 3 weeks since i’ve last sewn.
and every night (and weekend) that i haven’t, i’ve felt guilty and listless and like i was missing something important.

my red jacket. i said it now had a lining...i just neglected to mention that the lining had yet to be sewn in...

do you feel like your hobbies (or passions, or outlets, or whatever you prefer to call them) have a way of taking over your life?  in my latest food-for-thought reading, i stumbled on two gems from najah, in two of her posts at the sew weekly.

najah writes about possibly taking a week off from TSW so that she can catch up on little things like feeding her family and cleaning her home.  and we all chime in:  BOR-RING.  why do those things when you can be sewing?

A good number of you encouraged me to stay in the game last week. After all that (blessings and curses alike), the only thing I cleaned up in my house was my fabric stash… while defiantly hunting down some suitable green yardage. I think you all knew I’d be back…because there’s no way I’m the only one living with thread-covered floors, take-out menus, and baskets of unfolded laundry. The difference is, I made the mistake of caring about it.

right. why care about it?

loft couch! now with my sewing pillows. friends, the studio is ready for a machine.

on the moving-toward-mojo front, i have good news.  my studio loft at my new house is ready for a sewing machine.  although the drawers on my two sewing desks still need to be installed, the table tops are on and the structures are sound.  i’ll put drawers on at my leisure, and in the mean time, back to work!  there are challenges to catch up on, and garments to be sewn!*

75 degrees F in upstate new york this past weekend. WHAT?!?!?!

speaking of herding cats...

*(and gardens to be planned, and rooms to be furnished, and i probably should stop eating so much takeout…)

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3 Responses to on sewing and how it takes over your life; or, chores? what chores?

  1. Aaaaahhh that picture made my day! I’ve been wanting to leash train Walnut, but he won’t have any of it. I’ve been suffering from my own don’t-know-what-sew-next malaise since finishing my big project, but everything seems to pale in comparison to it…maybe I should step away and clean up my sewing room first?

    • puu says:

      i find that cleaning provides an excellent excuse to procrastinate 🙂

      i was lucky on the leash-training. i used to keep my cat in my college dorm, so to take him outside to the quad i put him on a leash. i guess he remembered how to do it! he got all happy and rolled right over and then practically ran outside to inspect some grass for chewing.

  2. Mary says:

    Your new home, and studio, is so beautiful. I am nowhere near as busy as you (and most other bloggers) and yet…I am still behind on chores. There is always time to sew.

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