the sew weekly “mad men”: inspiration

but first, a diversion.  only if you promise to come right back!

the new york times shocks us today with the breaking news that skirts are a desirable fashion item.


i had no idea.  thank you, new york times, for that vitally important fashion information.

money quote:

“What works in skirts’ favor and makes them fun is that this is not strictly a luxury business,” said Catherine Moellering, executive vice president of the trend forecasting firm Tobé Report.

Budget-conscious shoppers might stray to novelty pieces like a Diane Von Furstenberg caution-yellow raffia mini ($265) or an Isabel Marant deliberately ravaged-looking stretch denim A-line ($445), both at Net-a-Porter; or, at Anthropolgie, a mosaic patterned A-line maxi ($98).

thank goodness! for a mere $100-$450, fashion timeliness is all mine.  because who doesn’t have $265 for a “budget” item like a DVF miniskirt?  that’s practically pocket change!

moving on.

in my quest to move back into my sewing room, i’ve gotten back on board with some weekly sewing.  progress has been made!  fabric has been cut!  behold, my pattern and fabric for this week’s “mad men” challenge:

pattern inspiration. it proved too much of a wiggle dress for me, and i couldn't get it fitted properly so i used it as my inspiration to redraw vogue 8409.

i’m not a fan, personally, of mad men, but i am a huge fan of tom and lorenzo and their brilliant posts on the show and its costumes.

onto the pretty pictures (all images taken from tom and lorenzo’s mad style posts).

megan, looking fetching in black with a sexy little cutout at the neckline.

megan, brightening everyone's day with a refreshing pop of yellow.

megan's mod pink number, which steph has beautifully riffed on over at 3 hours past the end of the world.

rock that scarf, girlfriend.

listen, i love joan.  i’ve loved christina hendricks since she made eyes at nathan fillion on firefly.  i even liked her in those weird season 8 episodes of ER she did.  and i love how joan loves her body.  but those wiggle dresses are not for me.  i prefer joanie’s more casual looks.

same for betty.  i’m all about a shirt dress, and that italian number she rocked in season 3 was stupefying.  but i like betty when she’s all WASP-y casual.

the end.

my pattern selection for this week was originally the gorgeous vogue 4160, another gem from fiona at glass of fashion.  upon unwrapping the pattern, however, i realized that it was so designed for a girdle that i actually couldn’t wear it as-is.  (a first for me.)  and then, because of the surplice bodice, i had a very fiddly time re-drafting it in proper measurements using my sloper.  so i turned to my awesomely, slapdash-y vogue 8409, which fit like a charm, and redrew that to have bust gathers instead of pleats, kept the midriff (re-sized) from vogue 4160, and shortened my skirt from advance 8516, so that i could get all of the wiggle with none of the falling over.  i cannibalized my biggest failure of 2011 to make bias piping for the midriff pieces and had enough scraps to make the facings as well.  the remaining question as i finish cutting and sewing:  boning or no boning?  interestingly, the pattern instructions for vogue 4160 suggest some boning at the midriff.  i think i agree with this for an extra crisp look.  thoughts?

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9 Responses to the sew weekly “mad men”: inspiration

  1. Debi says:

    I love Betty’s casual looks too!!! And I just love that your cat is sitting in a box in that top picture…A-DOR-ABLE

  2. Ditto what Debi said about the cat in a box! I really like that scarf number, but I don’t know if I would personally ever wear such stripey accents. I do like the look of casual Betty Draper, but not a fan of the colors. Anyway, I think boning is kind of necessary to achieve that perfectly smooth midriff, especially if one plans to oh, say, live life while wearing such a dress, as opposed to standing perfectly still with perfect posture.

    • puu says:

      i totally agree, which is why i have come around to definitely doing the boning from maybe doing the boning. it’ll give the look a little something extra.

  3. cjgal says:

    I love the mod pink dress Megan is wearing, it reminds me of some of the dresses my mother wore ( and still has in her closet) from the 60s. It would be a fun recreation piece for shizzle!

    • puu says:

      that pink dress is definitely on my to-do list! have you looked at steph’s version? she did a fabulous job and wrote a great post about her process.

  4. StephC says:

    Thanks for the shout out, puu. 🙂 I Looooooove that black dress on Megan, and the lazy person in me says it’d be fairly simple to make. Looking forward to seeing your dress. 🙂

  5. Tanit-Isis says:

    I was going to say, if you’re thinking about boning, you should probably bone it. (As someone currently wearing a high-waisted skirt that I thought about boning, and didn’t, and wish I had). But I see you’ve already made the right choice, so good for you. I shall go back to admiring the box cat. 🙂

    • puu says:

      the boning was definitely the right choice and, in fact, the dress is nearly done. i’m waffling on a possible fit issue at the bust and a lack of desire to put on the interior midriff pieces, my least favorite part of doing a midriff dress!!

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