simplicity 5408: a refreshing pop of yellow on an (almost) summer day

i actually made this dress over two years ago, let it hang for a while, finished it in a mono-induced spurt of productivity, and then hated on it for another year.  while it’s adorable, and i love the original pattern, i couldn’t make it quite click for me.  also, now that i know from a moulage, the back doesn’t fit comfortably and that bothers me.

fortunately, a nice, matching belt from pat’s seemed to work out all of those kinks.  and it was almost 90F yesterday in NYC.  in APRIL.  that demands a summer dress, wouldn’t you say?

also, now that i have found the most amazing sweater-shrug EVER, i had something to wear over this little sleeveless specimen so that i could not die of hyopthermia in my office.  am i the only one with this problem?  sometimes, in august, when i am wearing a wool cardigan and sitting under a blanket, i am pretty sure i am. and the cardigans get old fast, especially when a little shrug that hits right at the natural waist is a much more flattering option…

in other news:  stay tuned this week for a renfrew debut.  i am in love, friends.  this is the perfect basic T for me and is going straight into the TNT pile.  i’ve already got a second one made, even, but i am saving it for a TSW post.  look at me, planning ahead!

i mentioned my bramble problem, right?  well, look what emerged from the ether: a blossoming apple tree!  and look what it left behind:

that is one huge pile of barberry and multi-flora rose.

and, finally, after 10-12 hours of work this weekend, an in-ground raspberry patch featuring golden “anne”, black “jewel” and, on the other side of the yard, red “encore” berries.

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9 Responses to simplicity 5408: a refreshing pop of yellow on an (almost) summer day

  1. That is indeed the most perfect shoulder shrug! I have been looking for one for ages, since when I wear cardigans with my full-skirted dress, they extend beyond the waist and, according to my husband, make me look pregnant from the back. Anyway, congrats on your fruit garden! That is a truly impressive pile of brambles.

    • puu says:

      right? when the sweater is too long it throws off all sense of proportion, and takes with it comfort and feeling good in your clothes.

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    That is a great shrug—I, too, am always cold at typical indoor temperatures, which is really lame during the summer when I want to dress for the outdoor weather. I was surprised how much I wore my little vintage-clone shrug last summer—I really need to make more of those.

    • Tanit-Isis says:

      Oh, yeah, and cute dress! I adore the envelope picture, and that front pleat with the contrast inside is adorable! 🙂

      • puu says:

        i absolutely foresee a re-examination of my bolero patterns to make more of these, or maybe a t-shirt hack to get a nice, fitted knit version i can make up in sweater knits. is your shrug pattern for knits or wovens?

        it’s the contrast pleat that grabbed me. that sort of detail is the kind of thing that makes sewing your own stuff so worth it, IMHO. 🙂

  3. nettie says:

    I love the contrast pleat!! I’m so stealing that idea. I am right there with you on the “freezing-indoors-due-to-aircon” syndrome. Couple that with a life long love of cardigans and I’ve got plenty of sweaters and shrugs in my collection.
    I must also say, after vacationing in the woods of Mass over spring break, I’m so jealous of your space!! I’ve been daydreaming about leaving the city a lot more, lately.

  4. puu says:

    thanks, nettie. i’ve found myself longing for the woods as well, as you can no doubt infer! i definitely feel a lot more balanced about living in the city now that i have a release valve.

  5. megthegrand says:

    This dress is made of sunshine and happiness and that warm fuzzy feeling you get all over. In short, I just love it with the belt and shrug. I also love that you are planting raspberries because that is just too cool and makes me more than a little jealous. I love fresh berries grown in the backyard.

    • puu says:

      i’d like to make another one in a comfier fabric…that fits 🙂
      coming soon: raspberries, wineberries, blueberries and strawberries.

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