style in the wild: catching up

i have two feelings about outfit posts:

  • it’s always fun and even inspirational to see how we like to style and wear–in real life, outside the sewing studio–the fruits of our hard-earned labor.  for example, i’ve found a lot of fun and unexpected combinations from “shopping” the combined powers of my closet and sewing room.
  • …but i’d rather see a sewing post, usually.  especially from me, given that i haven’t been sewing as much as i would like for most of february and march.

notice how my ambivalence is not going to stop me from doing an outfit post anyway.

loved this outfit, but the waistband of the skirt hit just far enough below my natural waist to leave an awkward gap between shirt hem and waistband...

top:  advance 8309 in liberty of london “nancy anne”
skirt:  vogue 1247 in rayon crepe
cardi:  j.crew “jackie” cardigan in nuclear pink
fishnet stockings + red ballet flats

this was a pleasant surprise and may be my new favorite way to wear this dress.

dressvogue 2960
red cari from sale rack at gap
vintage sweetheart jewelry
gold brooch

pattern mixing much??

skirtself-drafted, inspired by simplicity 2099
blouse & cardi:  D&G butterfly prints from century 21
stockings:  wolford
houndstooth heels!
accessory:  attention-demanding nuisance of a cat

parting thoughts:  i have been informed by a co-worker that it is not ok to be itchy about the weekend until after lunch on thursday.  so you now have my permission to be excited that it is almost the weekend.  just pretend you haven’t been thinking about it since the alarm went off on monday morning–that is what i do.  and for those of you on the other side of the date line, no gloating!

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