weekend sewing studio: excuses edition

what i was supposed to be working on this weekend:

my piece for The Sew Weekly's upcoming "Mix it Up!" theme

what i was actually working on this weekend:

raspberry patch, now joined by two raised blueberry beds, 2 rhubarb crown divisions, and a rototilled 10x15 patch of future garden stretching back to the treeline in the far distance.


28-29 april planting diary:

“mignonette” strawberries, transplanted and divided from my garden at my parents’ house
“white soul” strawberries, ditto
regular strawberries, ditto

cherry tree
rhubarb crowns – 2

built beds for and planted:
Jersey blueberry – 1
Coville blueberry – 1
Berkeley blueberry – 1
Blueray blueberry – 1

“wild honey” honeyberry
“honeybush” honeyberry

broadcast seeds: “save the bees” insect-attracting flower mix

indoor seed starts: 50 “baron solemacher” alpine strawberries, 50 woodland alpine strawberries, 50 “yellow wonder” alpine strawberries

cultivated raspberry starts. found new growth on “jewel” black raspberries and saw healthy green color in wood of “anne” yellow raspberries. they seem to have rooted.

also?  i forgot to have the pattern with me to cut out this weekend.
also also? I slept for like 15 hours last night.

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6 Responses to weekend sewing studio: excuses edition

  1. Clio says:

    LOL – Before I read further, my first thought was “OMG, puu buried someone alive.” LOL

  2. puu says:

    it’s not funny–except that it sort of is–because that is TOTALLY what it looks like, right?! 🙂

  3. I thought that too!! Glad to hear it’s just the beginnings of delectable fruit, though! I’m very curious about that dress…that silhouette never works for me, so I’ve never tried it.

  4. megthegrand says:

    lol I also thought you had buried someone – but I’m glad it turned out to be just seeds! I am crazy excited to see all of the goodies you harvest and what you do with them. There is simply nothing like homegrown fruit or veggies – it’s like heaven in your backyard. Speaking of which, can I come visit? 😉

  5. Mary says:

    ahhh, gardening season. Love this time of year when there is so much anticipation and planning. I have been slowly weeding my way through all the perennial beds and clearing out grass. We had a driveway project in the property bordering us and I swear they brought in grass seed with the fill dirt. Sewing takes a back seat for me during this time.

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