weekend sewing studio: catching up on cutting

friends, i will not lie.  last week was a doozy.  i never even looked at my already-prepared TSW “pink” project – a refashion of advance 3929 in some mystery liberty fabric with giant pink polka dots and little birds.  and really, what is more fun than giant pink polka dots with little birds?

nothing. there is nothing more fun than giant pink polka dots with little birds.

by wednesday, the week was completely blown.  i had a bit of a family situation to deal with, and spent thursday with my sister, hanging out at the family home, each of us trying to have a “mental health day” and occupying ourselves with piles of fabric i’d kept meaning to cut and never gotten around to.  my sister was so bored she even chided me for not giving her enough fabric to cut!

we cut, in about 6 hours:

  • 2 skirts
  • a vogue 1247
  • 2 self-drafted strapless bodices:  one with a bra top, and one with a princess torso
  • a circle skirt (i loved my other one so much i had to go back for more!)
  • a colette truffle
  • this vogue beauty:
  • and my dress for next week’s TSW, pattern mixing.

not bad, right? i also took my dad fishing up near my new place, divided and transplanted still more strawberry plants (i think i now have in the neighborhood of 50 strawberry plants; 20 everbearing tristar types and 30 or so of various alpine varieties, including mignonette, white soul, pineapple crush and white solemacher), transplanted a wineberry bramble from my parents’ yard into my yard, bought (on impulse) and planted a grape vine (seriously?), and cultivated my raspberries again. i have now officially spotted new growth on all three varieties, so i am finally confident that they will not all die on me because i planted them incorrectly. (even though i did, in fact, plant them incorrectly.)

also, my pond, formerly full of tadpoles, is now full of frogs.  judging from the racket, they may be bullfrogs.

this week i hope very much to get back to some sewing.  i might start with the strapless bodices, so i can perfect the fit for some upcoming TSW challenges and maybe even have them done in time to wear to two upcoming bridal events for two of my cousins.  i have a pile of renfrews waiting for attention, and i did finish this week’s TSW and just need a photo.  it’s goofy and fun and is even more geeky than usual–for me, that is saying something!

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7 Responses to weekend sewing studio: catching up on cutting

  1. elle c says:

    I am sorry you had an “interesting” week, but I am incredibly jealous of having that much fabric cut out (my least favorite part of the sewing process). Any chance I can kidnap you and your sister and chain you to the cutting table in the Sewing Dungeon?

    • puu says:

      it’s funny, i kind of love cutting because there is nothing but potential in front of me. it’s almost easier than sitting down to work on the garment, sometimes…

  2. Meg says:

    I must’ve been living in a hole, because I have never seen a tadpole that big – WOWZA. I hope your week is going a little better – I’m sending hugs and happy thoughts your way!

  3. Mary says:

    yep, those look like bullfrogs. Sleep well 🙂
    I am one of those who loves to prepare patterns, and cut fabric, and organize packets of projects. The potential within those packets is invigorating. Love that fabric above.

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