weekend sewing studio: in recovery (and the case of the separated stash)

my weekend started on thursday night, because it sort of feels like i never left there. that is because i am still recovering from the vampire diaries season finale, which i am not even sure i liked, even though it reset a lot of dynamics that needed resetting in potentially compelling ways for season 4. elena’s choice (about which i have many opinions, previously detailed here) worked for me and felt true to character and will, obviously, be affected by her other choice at the end of the episode and what it will mean going into next year. and that works for me too, because it also has the potential to be quite true to character and still be completely different than anything we’ve yet seen. and then, because i can’t help myself, i ended my weekend on sunday night by re-watching the season 1 finale (and season 2 opener) and realized why i have been so uncomfortable with TVD this season. (and it’s not just a love triangle that puts joey-dawson-pacey to shame. i swear.)

TVD may be, quite literally, twilight on dawson’s creek, but that is NO EXCUSE, show!

the season 1 finale was non-stop, true, but all of the ingredients in that cauldron had been simmering all season and felt well-earned by the the time katherine showed up and raised some hell.  season 2’s premiere is where the race against the running time seemed to begin in earnest.  TVD has pulled a LOST.  there is no other way for me to describe it.  TVD, like LOST, started up slowly and began building a wonderful, complicated and compelling methodology.  TVD, like LOST, caught on a bit slowly at first and then took off.  and TVD has become, like LOST, trapped in its own cycle of short-form storytelling, racing from act break to act break, and maybe not spending enough time on plot twists that should matter more than they do.  obviously, TVD is doing this on a smaller scale than LOST, and there’s no time travel (yet?), so it’s not quite the same.  but it’s the best comparison i can think of.  i loved the series finale, it’s true, but it’s also true that so much of what happened between the pilot and the finale ended up feeling completely worthless to me.  and that is how i feel about TVD’s third season.

and that’s not even mentioning LOST’s love triangle issues.

top moments that felt huge this season and ended up meaning nothing by the end of the next episode:

  1. stefan’s silent phone call of anguish to elena in the premiere
  2. elena capturing stefan, enlisting the help of a (dead) lexi to help her get through to him
  3. alaric’s death
  4. the original witch’s binding spell
  5. damon killing bonnie’s mom
  6. elena makes a choice

an then friday night came fringe, which did a much more uneven season ender but did it with so much more of a sense of accomplishment and completion.  lots of great character moments and an amazing set-up for the 13-episode season five.

oh, wait, you weren’t interested in my musings on my television obsessions?  oops.  🙂

sewing, right.  i did some of that.

although i had high hopes for spending saturday evening in my studio loft upstate, i was too exhausted from the unexpectedly warm weather and the effect it had on my saturday gardening chores.  sunday evening i finally sat down with this nifty little coat dress and its eye-searing fabric to start the light tailoring i have in mind for this project.

i’m using a kenneth-king-modified version of the above butterick pattern, and started by working on the back piece:  darts in, darts pressed, curved edges and shoulders stayed, back stay out of muslin.  this went together gratifyingly fast, so i decided to keep going while i watched a few leverage reruns on my DVR.  i went to start working on the under collar (which i have decided not to hand pad-stitch, but to use my sewing machine to stitch the stand and the fall) and realized…i had forgotten to cut an under collar out of my fashion fabric.  and in my drive to set up my new studio, i’ve moved about 80% of my stash to my shelves upstate.  including the leftover pieces from my butterick coat dress.


well, this week’s TSW theme is “mix it up,” right?  how’s this for a mix?

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