the sew weekly inspiration: 1940s


i fell in love with this super-chic, super-simple sundress, but i refused to a buy a pattern–not even in my size–that i could so easily draft myself…



formerly vogue 2961, a 1950 re-issue that i love but was unable to fit correctly

i’m back to geeking out on techniques, guys.  after last week’s tailoring fest (still only about 65% finished, but that is what 3-day weekends are for) i had a major geek fest first on drafting this pattern using my bodice moulage and then on constructing an underlayer, with boning, and a lining and then a fashion fabric.  i have now sewed this princess-seamed bodice five times.

since i was re-using the skirt from V2961, though, the entire process has been a breeze.  i made two layers out of interfacing, and stitched them together to create boning channels.  then, i added bra cups and twill tape.

well, not twill tape per se, since i only had organza selvedge.

but it looks nice, yeah?

and just for fun, a WIP shot of my butterick coat dress.

unfortunately, i wasn’t able to attend the Mood focus group this week, but it is interesting to think about one’s shopping habits, no?  i sort of take for granted living in the center of the fabric universe, but having other things to do on my weekends (far away from the Garment District, unfortunately) has changed my perspective a bit.  i would love a more comprehensive and user-friendly Mood web site.  i actually dislike the site quite a bit.  i’m thrilled to see meg making the blog more of a destination and look forward to more of her posts.  hopefully she will find a way to incorporate some of the great project work she used to feature on her site into the larger goals of showing off all that Mood has to offer.  i have, recently, started buying fabric a lot more online, but i prefer the friendliness of ann’s gorgeous fabrics shop or the guarantee of great liberty cottons of a shaukat to the jumble at the Mood site.  in terms of notions, i’m hitting the dregs of my stash built up from SIL and Mood and will probably have to sacrifice some time this week to stock back up as i prepare for susan khalje’s french jacket class in two weeks.

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2 Responses to the sew weekly inspiration: 1940s

  1. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about the French Jacket class. I hope to make one sometime this year.

  2. Meg @ Mood says:

    We’ll get you for the next focus group! We hear you about the way our site is now…I mean, I get frustrated using it! But we are incorporating all the good feedback we’ve been getting from people like you and will definitely be bringing you an entirely new and improved e-commerce experience in the near future. —Meg

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