camp chanel recap: where the thing i was most frightened of became the easiest bit of the jacket

day 2, tuesday, was about layout, thread tracing, cutout (fashion fabric AND lining) and….quilting.  if that sounds like a daunting one-day to-do list, it was.  and i was most nervous about two things:  matching my fabric (there is a slight plaid) and quilting the two layers.

a reminder of what my fabric looks like

my fabric was definitely what i will call a “full-on monet”:  from far away it looks pretty great, but up close it’s a big old mess.  there is a plaid on this pattern, but in order to see it, you have to be standing the right distance away, with your eyes sort of crossed and unfocused, like those 3D illusions that used to be so popular.

so matching this pattern was both harder and easier than i imagined:  harder, because up close i couldn’t actually see the plaid, but easier, because once i picked out a few lines of reference on the fabric i didn’t have a single matching issue the entire week.


i also maintained a policy of “nothing irrevocable” while doing muslin and thread-tracing work.  so, even though i modified the pattern by devising a cutaway hem and a closer fit, i laid out the pattern pieces on my plaid with the hem modifications drawn in on the muslin (and thread traced) while leaving enough fabric for an unmodified version.  when cutting into fabric so expensive, with no room for error, it just seemed safer this way!

thread tracing, using double-layer silk thread in a silly, contrasting color.

then came lining up my two fabric layers and preparing for quilting.  this instilled me with terror.  i have no idea why.  likely because it was the first “irrevocable” step in making the jacket.  if i messed up, the needle marks would show and it would be all embarrassing.  so instead i embarrassed myself by asking all of the women in my class to help me double-check my pinning.

but therein lies the reason why it’s worth it to do a class in a group like this:  the women all good-naturedly ribbed me for not knowing how to pin, and then showed me how to do it.  no fuss, no muss, just sewasaurus rexes (rexi?) helping each other out.

a walking foot is an essential tool for this project. don’t even try the quilting without one.

and the quilting turned out to be absurdly easy.  trust me, it all goes uphill from here!

look, ma, i quilted!

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3 Responses to camp chanel recap: where the thing i was most frightened of became the easiest bit of the jacket

  1. great recap! The funny thing I have the same fabric but in hot pink at home. Now ask me what am I going to do with it? Not a slightest idea….

    • puu says:

      one of the women in my class did a stunner with hot pink, and then another woman had the same fabric as me, only in a pale pink. loads of good things to do with it 🙂

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