camp chanel reap: biggest seam allowances ever.

when last i left you, i had just accomplished my first bit of quilting.

i had no idea that this was the last of the easy bits.  it’s interesting:  susan very specifically explained that the jacket, in and of itself, is not actually difficult.  this is true.  but it is a LOT of work that only seems to pile up more and more as you make progress on the construction.

why, hello there, perfectly matched plaid!

after quilting, i attached the jacket panels at their side seams using my sewing machine.  this was pretty much the last bit of machine sewing for the entire jacket (the sleeve pieces were also attached to each other by machine.  that’s it.)

2-inch seam allowance. really.

now that i had achieved what susan terms a “wooly mammoth” stage on my “beast,” it was time to dedicate the rest of the week to pressing, clipping, and cleaning up seams.  or as susan said, “i hope you guys love fell-stitching.”

by thursday evening, i had two completed sleeves.

as in, two days full of fell-stitching:  all of the side seams, all of the sleeve lining seams, all of the shoulder lining seams, the jacket hem seam, and the jacket neckline seam.

because i had a plaid, it wasn’t until thursday that i even began working on the sleeves.  coming back to an untouched piece of fabric felt like starting all over again!  i would have wept if i couldn’t see my mostly-finished jacket right next to my uncut fabric with its sleeve pieces all lined up.

still, by this point i was comfortable enough with what i was doing to just push through my feeling of being overwhelmed and focus on my tasks.  i was thrilled to be on track to finish the jacket by the end of class (spoiler warning:  with the exception of trimming my sleeve vents, i was!) and getting a little better with each fell stitch.

2 three-piece sleeves meant there were as many sleeve seams as there had been jacket seams. *sigh*

so i procrastinated by pin-basting my trim and establishing my curved hem.

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5 Responses to camp chanel reap: biggest seam allowances ever.

  1. I have been following your progress with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. I can’t believe you were making a errr, French couture jacket with The Susan Khalje! I am in awe of all the hand stitching, plaid matching, pin basting craziness. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Debi says:

    I’m with Cindy…totally in awe!!! I’m loving following your progress!

  3. Cissie says:

    Your jacket is really coming along! You’re almost there and I can’t wait to see it! I love the curve — gives me an idea for my next one! Now you have to figure out a wait to slip the jacket on and off a lot so that everyone can see the fabulous lining!

  4. Meg says:

    I’m with Cindy and Debi – LOVE that you are sharing this with us, and totally in awe of the awesomeness that you are creating!

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