camp chanel recap: almost at the finish line

mostly, what i have left to share is fell stitching.  hours and hours of fell stitching.  🙂

my pinned-in-place sleeve lining.

at this point in the process–and i think i mentioned this before–i was so into it, so exhilarated by the sheer accomplishment of the entire thing, that mistakes that ordinarily would have been devastating were easy to chalk up as part of the learning experience.

like this shoulder seam:

not my finest hour.

i didn’t finish my shoulder seams at the appropriate place during the process, and when i did do them, i got them a bit backwards.  and my stitches were messy, besides.  but look!  they are done!  there is a shoulder seam there in the lining!  WOOT!!


so i was quite happy to move on to the hem establishment and trimming phase.  i had a curved hem, which was interesting–but not actually hard at all.  on one side, i ran a line of basting stitches around the hem to ease it, ever so slightly, and make the curve.  on the other side, it curved all by itself.  and the best bit was that doing it by hand meant i could just sort of “woodge” the lining into place bit by bit, pin it, and move on, maintaining a great, smooth curve.

you know what was actually one of the hardest parts?  the hooks and eyes!  i had to put them in three times, because the first two times i put them in 1) upside down and 2) backwards.  susan took pity on me and sewed one set in, and then left me to copy her example.

so there you have it, friends.  my 98% finished jacket.  the trim needs a second layer of basting, and i need to remove the last of the thread tracing (after i transfer those changes back to my muslin)  and attach the chain.  i already showed you later-summer plans for jacket numbers 2 and 3, but i might sneak in some cutting on a version i’ve had planned for two years, just a simple black, white and pink version based on New Look 6028 and its super-cute short sleeves.

now, back to my work on this week’s “sew weekly” challenge:  summer trends.  i’m going with a refashioned maxi-dress, and hope i might finish tonight.

oh, also, this image is not for the faint of heart:

setting in the sleeves…by hand. have fun with those seam allowances!!

p.s.  this post is for KT, who is probably feeling a bit depressed today.  🙂

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4 Responses to camp chanel recap: almost at the finish line

  1. I’m pretty sure I had a mini heart attack when I saw that last picture with the fraying lining fabric…thanks for the warning! I cannot get over how incredible it is that you made your own French couture jacket! It looks fantastic, especially with that trim, and I am just so, so, so impressed.

    • puu says:

      it was amazing how much the silk eventually began to fray. i guess just the excessive amount of handling…but it was intense!

  2. dottiedoodle says:

    Wow! That is just beautiful, I’m so impressed.

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