my issues, let me share them

it was bound to happen eventually, even in a great community like the online sewasaurus rexi.

the nasty, out-of-nowhere comment.  allow me to share:

Wow. I guess I should have read the about me before I posted here.

You have issues. Feel free to delete my comment. Your views are in direct opposition to mine and I really don’t want to be linked to you.

you know what, commenter? i do have issues.

  • my mom is really, really sick.  and has been for 3 years.  and she’s back in the hospital this week in what seems to be a bi-annual event.  so thanks for that bit of cheer today, by the way.
  • my dad is so lost in all of this that i often have to supervise him at his office (where i also work) to make sure he doesn’t scream at people.
  • my sister, a medical professional herself, is so overwhelmed by the distance between her rotations and home that i have to plan her visits for her, down to what clothes she packs.
  • and you know what?  i really don’t like green vegetables.  only i am pretty sure that is only controversial on the west wing.

so, yeah, i take pleasure in magical girl anime, and in sci-fi set in far away places.  i take a lot of long walks outside and re-read all of my favorite john grisham novels on a regular basis.  i am acutely aware of how lucky i am to have my house, because it is the only positive thing in my life right now.  i waste a lot of time thinking about how instagram is changing my photographs and if the storytelling of the vampire diaries is brilliant or boring, not to mention watching Law & Order reruns.

but if your objection is to my love of mamma mia!, then my cousin would probably agree with you.  i can see how that would be disturbing.

it could be worse, though–some people juggle geese!

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24 Responses to my issues, let me share them

  1. Meaghan says:

    I don’t kno what they said But I think you are a great example for young woman today. I ave two daughters just in and out of college. I hope that they can be as inspiring as to work all day and then come home aand seriously dedicate themselves to their hobby as you do. I truly enjoy your posts and hope they keep coming. Also will keep your mom in my prayers. I think you are the bomb as my kids would say.( It is probably not cool to say that anymore but oh well.)

  2. oonaballoona says:

    wow. happy friday, yo. methinks a certain commenter needs a stiff drink. possibly a nice steak.

    and i certainly hope YOU are enjoying a drink and a steak after all that. my love to you & your family.

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Ok, wow. I just reread your about me and boy, I must say it made me giggle. Who could be opposed to a bit of healthy cat dancing? I just don’t know where some people got their gall. Sorry they missed how great you are.

    • puu says:

      all i am saying is, who doesn’t dance with their cat once in a while?!

      • Kat H says:

        Sadly, I don’t. But that’s because they escape too quickly before I even get to take the first step. Clearly, my cats don’t have the appreciate for fine music that yours does. *sigh*

  4. Arellis Pena says:

    ErklIronically, she “linked” herself to you in a most unattractive way. Lol. Some people are just something else, starimg with a$$ and ending with holes… (I know, I’m sooooo clever). But, try to empathize with her, she is fighting for her views all proper like by leaving scathing comments on blogs. Doesn’t matter if it lacks anything remotely constructive, sometimes passsion makes you “seem” like a jerk. The poor girl, it’s called activism ya’ll. Anyway, I preffer TrueBlood ( and by preffer I mean other vampirical nonsense ;)), and think it is important to try to eat less meat, does that mean I have to remove you from my Reader… Or, we could like be respectful to people with different opinions and sometimes even try to have discussions and stuff, agree to disagree, even silently sulk remove unsuscribe and learn when to STFU. Anyone wanna make that a club?

  5. Arellis Pena says:

    Woops, sorry for the bad spelling, posting from this phone is horrible. Also, was supposed to say boooooo to other vampircal nonsense, lol.

    • puu says:

      i love your spelling and think you are very wise. (except i will always prefer TVD to TB) 🙂 but food politics are tricky. everyone has a comfort level.

  6. cjgal says:

    So sorry to hear about your family, I know exactly how you feel and how hard it is to feel like you are taking care of everyone. I think you are gorgeous, talented, and witty as all get out so if that wench doesn’t want to be linked to an awesome person then SHE must have issues.
    Down with he haters!!!

  7. Animockery says:

    I can understand life and the difficulties that come with it. I have held true to a favorite saying “If this world leaves you disappointed, create your own”.

    • puu says:

      for which i have always said, thank you, sailor moon (and star wars, and firefly, and narnia…), for helping me find other worlds 🙂

      • This reminded me of something funny-in Taladega nights when the guy’s in the middle of some sort of ‘episode’ he’s like “Help! Help me Jesus, help me Oprah, Help me Tom Cruise” and I laughed at the time but seriously, pop-culture gets people through so much! I survived high school on a steady diet of comics and hardcore swimming XD

  8. Tanit-Isis says:

    I’m so sorry about your mother. Also that annoying commenter, but mostly your mother. It sounds like you’ve got fifteen balls in the air (which is kinda how I feel right now, so I sympathize, but at least no one here is in the hospital.)

    Your about me is amusing indeed—I can only assume the commenter is a disgruntled vegan? I spent the last decade working on my husband’s aversion to any and all vegetables, only to discover that he can’t eat raw vegetables at all any more…

  9. Debi says:

    What the hey??? All I can say is you Rock. That commenter does not. Sending all my best wishes for your family…illness is a very hard thing. Hugs xoxoxo

  10. Elle says:

    I am sorry about your Mom’s illness and your related family issues. I am also sorry that you had to receive a ridiculous comment like the one you mentioned. WTF? Why would someone feel it necessary to post this?There are lots of bloggers out there who I don’t particularly care for, but I don’t see any reason to piss on their cornflakes by telling them about it. You are great and I hope that stupid idiot reads this post and these comments supporting you and feels like sh!t about herself.

    Sorry about the language, but this kind of thing makes me very angry. I hate meanness.

    • puu says:

      thanks, elle. i sort of feel the same way. obviously we are all not going to agree with every post out there, but what happened to polite silence? we’re all working at a craft and trying to learn more…cornflake-pissing helps no one!

  11. Kat H says:


  12. Tina says:

    Haters are gonna hate–ignore them! The only thing they like is drama–don’t feed the drama. They’re not worth the added angst and anxiety it takes to give them a moment of thought. Frankly, I love your “About Me” list (mostly because 1. I love lists/making lists, 2. it’s totally random! And random is AWESOME!, and 3. It cracked me up to no end. Seriously, based on your wonderful list of facts about you, I’d totally have a beer with you!

  13. faire says:

    I just cruise sewing blogs and rarely comment, but had to comment on this one. I enjoy your blog, and I’ve never noticed that you have issues. But hey, maybe that’s because I dance with my dogs. Well, sing mostly, they get too enthusiastic during dancing.

  14. megthegrand says:

    People can be such MF jagoffs. I ADORE YOU. You are spectacular and if you weren’t so fabulously geektastic, we probably wouldn’t be such kindred spirits. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, but I hope she’s feeling a bit better now (I’m totally late in reading this). I am sending you many hugs, my friend – chin up and let us (your friends) know if you need anything.

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