…and now for something completely different.

guys, i am sorry for my outburst yesterday.  for those of you who took the time to send some positive thoughts, i thank you  (really.  your support for my distress helped a lot).  for those of you who rolled your eyes and chose to say nothing, i thank you too, especially if you are still here with me after my outburst.

things have been challenging, but that is no excuse to not take pleasure in our community and in posting absurd t-shirt refashions.  for me, a large part of my sewing is a refuge from the stresses of each day, and sharing my t-shirts with you has been a wonderful release valve that makes me smile with each FO.

(also, for realsies, i have an actual dress made out of actual fabric in the works.  we’ll see how the weekend treats that particular plan, but i have high hopes.)

and meanwhile, i have YET ANOTHER sailor moon t-shirt to share.  this one may be my very favorite and used an ACTUAL PATTERN.  it has facings and understitching and finished edges and everything.

may i introduce you to simplicity 7267?

check out that body-hugging bolero action!

oh, in case anyone was wondering about my LAST sailor moon t-shirt, when i blathered on about my favorite image from the entire series, i finally found my screenshot of it.


ok.  ima take a chill pill and ask myself, what would oona do?

answer:  DRINK.

sailor moon says…see ya!


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8 Responses to …and now for something completely different.

  1. oonaballoona says:

    you are correct, madam!

    now, i need a brunchy drink because i am in totally jealously of that pattern. maxi moon version?

    • puu says:

      i read this and spent the entire day trying to figure out if i could pull off a maxi-version of this dress….i was literally standing in mood thinking, “what would oona do?”

  2. Kat H says:

    Wow, what a fabulous pattern! I’ve never seen a tshirt pattern with a bolero attached like that – looks great. 🙂

    • puu says:

      i actually got the idea from steph c at “3 hours past the end of the world.” she did a cool faux-lero version ages ago!

  3. I am loving these t-shirt refashions (especially this one and the Kaylee one!). Such a good way to make these fun/geeky t-shirts actually wearable……maybe I won’t shy away from t-shirt buying anymore!

    Also, remember that most people are dumb. However, you are awesome.

  4. megthegrand says:

    I LOVE your t-shirt refashions!! I have since tracked down an entire garbage bag full of t-shirts that need some love, and I think I might be hitting up some of these refashions for a lil bit of inspiration!

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