it’s time to roll the dice

this one might be a little esoteric, even for the geek fans out there.


image from “99 ways

starting point:

i actually designed this one myself, because of all the geeks out there, no one seems to have made a cool t-shirt for the series of books (14 and counting) of the wheel of time.  in the “old tongue”, invented by the author as part of his worldbuilding, the saying means “it’s time to roll the dice” and is a signature saying of one of the main characters.  the back has what is called the “great serpent” logo on it that is the trademark of the wheel of time.


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2 Responses to it’s time to roll the dice

  1. Sweeeeeeeet! Woman, you need to get yourself over to the Avclub and mix with the rest of the tribe. PS Most ’em are hugely entertaining. Some of them are 12yr old asshats and mucho fun to crush.

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