happy birthday, oona: simplicity 2250

it’s 10pm EDT in nyc, sunday night, and i am sitting here at my desk in makeup, heels, updo, crinoline and my promaballoona prom dress.

i can’t think of a better way to say happy birthday to our dearest oona.  i had a terrible weekend, and the whimsy of pulling out an old UFO and fixing it to wear tonight in honor of oona was irresistable.

can i say, i wasn’t especially fond of either of my prom experiences?  i mean, i didn’t hate it or anything, but it wasn’t a be-all-end-all situation.  (large groups of people trying to be social tend to annoy me)

for junior prom i went with my bestest friend, with whom i had sort of agreed to go if he didn’t have a date for his prom.  (he went to a different school)  alas, he hooked up and i did not, but he still agreed to escort me, and i was thrilled…especially since i didn’t have to return the favor.

he has been one of my very bestest friends for almost 25 years.  weirdly, the best part of the evening was going home, where we did what we always did on friday nights back in high school:  break out some ben & jerry’s and pop in a movie.  we considered going to a friend’s afterparty, but ben & jerry were more enticing.  i think we made the right call.

senior prom turned into a big group thing.  there was some awkwardness, date-wise, as i sort of misunderstood that my date was not looking to go “as a friend.”  but, as good friends always do, he forgave me my error and everyone had a great time….at the afterparty.  this year, it was at my house, and it was pouring outside.  adios, BBQ plans…hello, huge pile-up on my parents’ living room couch.

at the time, my particular group of friends weren’t major partiers or anything.  (i still am not)  so this wasn’t an evening of drunken debauchery…and certainly did not live up to the massive co-ed sleepover (in a TENT) that my sister got away with on the back porch a few years later.  basically, the evening ended at about 4am when i had to kick out the chess tournament going down in the living room.

oh yeah, we were bad-ass.  but we did skip the shore that year and storm NYC instead.  when i was in high school, making it all the way to the city unsupervised was kind of a big deal.  we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

so tonight, i raise a glass in honor of oona….

do a little boogie…

and grab my favorite dance partner for a bit of joy.

happy birthday, oona!  thank you for being you and sharing your unique voice and sewing awesomesauce (i stole that from meg) with the rest of the sewasaurus rex community.

dress notes:  i fixed and re-fashioned my failed simplicity 2250 from last year.  i am now pleased with the result.  funny how taking the time to fix something usually turns out to be worth it, yeah?  i was channeling oona for all i was worth on this one:  yellow lining, yellow piping, blue zipper (because in oona world, who says zippers need to match?), turquoise waist stay, and dark seafoam hem lace.  i feel cheerful just looking at it on the dress form!

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3 Responses to happy birthday, oona: simplicity 2250

  1. That dress is so Oona! I love that sea foam hem (and I love that you called it sea foam!) and the twirly skirt. I’m sorry to hear that your weekend wasn’t the greatest, but your dance partner looks quit cuddly and comforting.

  2. megthegrand says:

    A very OONA dress, indeed! It looks marvelous, and I love your idea of Friday nights with a movie and Ben and Jerry’s – that sounds like the making of a perfect evening! Bravo for finishing your dress and rocking it out in these photos!

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