weekend sewing sweatshop

there are few better ways to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday than by working through a pile of issues projects.


as you can see, I had plenty of help.


counting it off:

  • 4 princess bodices, including fashion fabric layer, underlining layer and lining layer for each.
  • draft and cut draped/cowl pencil skirt
  • draft and cut extended fullness pegged pencil skirt
  • draft and cut modified meringue pattern for TSW “yellow” challenge — already a week overdue.
  • redesign the horror that is this, and cut up the pieces for some new patterns.  (this took about 4 hours on saturday night)

i started playing on some skirt variations for my new favorite, simplicity 2250, and i’m really excited to get cracking on those.  is it wrong to just totally surrender and have an affair with a pattern?  i’ve already made two new S2250 bodices in less than a week.  i’m starting to feel a little…dirty.  the draped and extra fullness pencil skirt designs are what i am hoping to pair with my two S2250 bodices.  i’m also thinking a cropped, lined mccall 6171 in some crazy, mondo-ish contrast print mixing will be a wonderful companion for all of that.

my S.W.A.G. recipient and occasional atelier slave is returning to the homeland this weekend and will likely be here for a while.  she has already reminded me to have plenty of projects on hand to help her fill the time while she isn’t working.

also, time to start thinking about the fall planning board.  i’ve got something really ambitious in mind and it scares me.  what if i tried to make a mini-collection inspired by my house?

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4 Responses to weekend sewing sweatshop

  1. I like your sewing assistants. And boy do I need a sewing sweatshop weekend! Too bad the next weekend isn’t due for a while…

    • puu says:

      i am already dreaming of another one. i’d love to finish a pile of UFOs before labor day, and spend labor day week getting my fall sewing ready. a girl can dream, right?

  2. giecam says:

    After suffering through sunny days at the beach, I finally have a rainy day to sew. I’m glad I found your blog because you reminded to make the most of this day while it’s here. And because you make such cool things.

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